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Unleashing the Power of Rotational Molding: The Benefits of the BEUTA Block Landscape Edging

Why Rotational Molding?
The BEUTA Block is a unique DIY-friendly landscape edging made of recycled polyresin that is both durable and gives the unique look of natural stone while maintaining an easy installation process. These distinctive qualities are enabled by the rotational mold manufacturing process, a process also used in the creation of Yeti, Grizzly, and Rtic Coolers.

What is rotational molding and why is it essential to the BEUTA Block?
Rotational molding or roto-molding is a low-pressure process that provides a relatively quick production time without sacrificing any quality. The process consists of our own unique formula polyresin poured into a sculpted hollow mold and then rotated and hardened with heat. Once cooled the manufacturer is left with a high-quality product. The critical features allocated to the BEUTA Block include:

Benefits of Rotational Molding

1. High strength
Due to the process of roto-molding, there is a reduced risk of failure in high stress-concentration points on the curvature of a BEUTA Block. Thus this ensures a long-lasting product that maintains its integrity through the wear and tear of the daily yard and garden life.

2. Flexibility and bendability
The distinctive design of the BEUTA Block allows for versatility and flexibility to ensure that it can complement any landscape or garden layout. The design enabled by rotational molding is an important feature that both allows for block connection as well as customization.

3. Stone-like appearance
The natural stone appearance of the BEUTA Block gets its natural finish due to our proprietary resin formula and the hand-crafted die used during the roto-molding tool. This tool accommodates for the stone surface finish increasing the fine details and textures to enhance the final product.

Furthermore not only is the BEUTA Block strong, flexible, and gives a look and feel of natural stone, but it also is rust, fade, and corrosion-resistant, meaning the product will maintain a long lifespan.

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