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The customer and brand experience of eCommerce, defined as the online shopping experience, is an experience that has been evolving and changing since its initial creation in the 1970s. This rise of eCommerce has since allowed for direct purchasing between consumers and manufacturers, an aspect that benefits consumers directly. Here at BEUTA, we take advantage of eCommerce to give a personalized experience to each customer. Below are the listed benefits of purchasing directly from your product manufacturer:

1. Personalized Experience
At Beuta LLC, you, the customer, can expect a thoughtful and personalized experience with highly dedicated professionals who care about you. The BEUTA brand is more than just a business, it is a family.

2. Product Guarantee
As the manufacturer of the BEUTA block, we guarantee free shipping 100% of the time and that we are always in stock (if not we will make it for you!). As both the manufacturer and seller of our products you are guaranteed a seamless shopping experience catered by passionate professionals.

3. Returns and Services are better handled
Due to the experience and knowledge about the Beuta block and other associated products we are better equipped to handle any issues or problems with your order, than a regular retail brand.
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