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1 Year Customer Review of Beuta's Landscape Edging (Plus Video Testimonial)

1 Year Customer Review Of Beuta's Landscape Edging (Video Testimonial)

A little while back, we shared a review from a Beuta customer and a sincere fan of our innovative blocks for easy landscape edging.

He decided to share his installation experience with the world. Unsponsored, he gives us an authentic review where he shares some honest points such as pros and cons, and some financial comparisons to traditional masonry. He even goes as far as to share his receipt for what he paid! 

During his installation process, our customer, Chuck, shared how he installed Beuta rings around his front yard trees and installed a mulched garden bed that helped define his property from that of his neighbors. 

Recently, Chuck shared a follow-up video that features his honest 1-year follow-up review to see how Beuta blocks have held up. 

Again, this was completely un-sponsored, which gives even more credibility to why he shares his honest review. 

(Linked below for your viewing is the video that you can watch. I would also like to walk through the main takeaways.)

Follow Up Video 

(For reference, it might be helpful to  first watch his initial video if you are interested in the process.)

 First Video 

Video Points

After watching his second video and review, he begs the question, did these stand the test of time, and did they do what they were intended to do?  Here are the takeaways. 


Like his initial video, he shows us his 12-foot diameter circle surrounding his tree in his front yard. He expresses that the main reason he invested in edging was to hold the mulch in because he owns chickens and these faux edging stones kept them away with their perfect height. 

They not only were durable, holding up against the weather elements but they also were great for getting the job done! 

His mulched garden bed, after being exposed to the weather elements and critters, showed not only that they could withstand it, but still appeared good as new. 

He even explained how his back tires ran over them and it didn't budge or leave a dent at all! 

Now we of course don’t recommend this, and always ask our customers to still use best practices. But with minor things like this, we are happy that they still held up for Chuck in the end! 


What’s great about these, is that they were flexible to create the shape he wanted such as a circle to surround his tree, but also sturdy enough to walk on, and keep straight. 

He explained how he used a string to keep them nicely aligned when initially installing them, and after the year went by, they were still completely straight. 

This was especially good news for him because they are a no-dig necessary block for easy edging.  All you need are the anchoring spikes that come with the section blocks, and once installed, won't budge!

The End Result

Overall, Chuck shares how happy he is with them. He explains how they look great after all the seasons coming and going, the temperatures dropping and rising, and being exposed to different weather elements as well as lawn care. He appreciates how the color of the sandstone didn't fade, nor did it deteriorate in any way. 

About Beuta 

With Chuck’s review, we love how he highlighted the great qualities of our products. We also appreciated how he compared his other forms of edging on his property, to Beuta products. 

For example, his raised garden bed made from real stone was beautiful, but he also expressed how much work it took, and how, in his own words, “he’s no spring chicken anymore” to work with heavy-weighted items. 

Our products, thanks to their poly-resin recycled materials, are made to be lightweight, flexible, and durable, without compromising the overall appearance. 

They come in an array of colors that you can check out below, as well as different heights.  These lightweight blocks for easy edging will get the job done fast, won’t cause a strain on your back, and stand the test of time! 

Affiliate Program

Again, a completely unsponsored review from a genuine fan of Beuta, who simply wanted to show how they’ve held up in cold winters and hot summers. 

We do often get customers who truly just love their products when they receive them,  they often want to make a review on them without any reward except to inform others and express themselves. 

However, we do offer an Affiliate Program for those who love Beuta products, love to share about their lifestyle, or influence others while simultaneously getting compensated for it! 

So, if this sounds like something you’re interested in, you can head over to this link here to learn more about qualifications and practical information on it!


So, thank you, Chuck, for your once again, honest and kind review of our products. We are so happy when customers like him feel the reward of excellent landscaping with Beuta to get the job done. 

We hope you will enjoy these projects as much as he has, and see how they hold up over time! 

Other Information 

You can head over to our website at Beuta which offers a more detailed line of products and prices. Feel free to contact us directly at 717-288-2637 or message us with any inquiries. 

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