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Faux Stone Landscape Edging

Flexible • Easy Install • Ultra Durable

Transform your landscaping within minutes with a one-tool project

Beuta Bricks - 2.25" Height

Our smallest size of Bricks gives a more “dug-in” look to your landscaping.

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Beuta Blocks - 6.5" Height

Our best-selling and most popular size of faux stone landscape edging. 

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Beuta Block XL - 9.5" Height

Transform your landscape edging with our largest size of realistic faux stone.

Easy Install



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Weed Whacker Friendly

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Weather Proof

Make beautifying your yard easy

1. Measure Your Space

Accurately measure the length and width of your landscaping area. Pay attention to any curves or corners that may require additional blocks to ensure you order the right quantity of Beuta Blocks to achieve a seamless edging design.

2. Order Beuta Blocks

Approximate the amount of blocks needed by dividing your measure lineal feet by 4 (the length of one Beuta block section). Easily place your order through our website by selecting your preferred block color and quantity.

3. Install in Minutes

Grab your hammer and assemble your blocks according to your landscaping plan. Align your blocks along the measured edging line and tap each block into place until secure. Interlock the pieces as you go and enjoy your polished landscaping edge within minutes. s.

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Simplify your DIY Projects with Beuta

Use our project builder to help you find everything you need for your next home landscaping. Choose your length, corners, end pieces, and start pieces to build the perfect garden design.

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