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Beuta Landscape Edging Frequently Asked Questions (Part 3)

Beuta Landscape Edging Frequently Asked Questions (Part 3)

Faux stone landscape edging

We usually get two reactions when it comes to our Beuta products for easy landscape edging. 

The first is this:

I can't believe it’s not real stone! 

That comment is usually then followed up with, 

What is the point of this product?

It’s one thing to capture an audience with something beautiful. It’s another to sell them on the product itself. 

But thankfully, those who understand the purpose and the why behind our beautiful faux edging stones, fully support and love Beuta products and how they have transformed their outdoor properties. 

Let us explain…

It looks like real stone!

Landscape Edging

First, this product, which often gets mistaken as real stone, is actually made from poly-resin materials.

They are small pellets that are melted and molded to create flexible and durable bricks and blocks for easy edging for any landscaping project. 

The results from roto-molded construction gives you shiny, naturalistic stone-like edging, without the heaviness that comes with real stone. The edges are smooth, so you won’t have to worry about sharp edges and are also food grade safe. 

Perfect for planting around garden beds, near pets, and around children at play!

How it all began

landscape edging

First off, in case you didn’t know, Lancaster county, located in Pennsylvania is a heavily influenced Amish culture area. With that comes a love for hard work and a standard of excellence. 

That hard work tends to show up in Lancaster county residents’ lawn care, some of the best you will see in the country. Even the smallest of homes can have perfectly manicured front yards. 

So with that love for lawn care, came a problem. Most people need easy edging to make their yards look polished or complete. The finishing touch to all their labor and hard work on their property. 

Whether they are looking to encircle trees, surround the perimeter of their garden beds, line driveways or pathways, or create unique shapes for their plants, they usually need some form of landscape edging. 

In a previous blog, we touched on three other commonly used landscaping materials. You can check it out here

And while these options may be great, they tend to be difficult to install, can be pricey, and usually very time consuming. 

Our Goal and Purpose

DIY landscape edging

We wanted to eliminate those three common problems and empower you to install edging without the need for costly materials, several helping hands, or a large sum to pay the price.

We also wanted to make these products inclusive to all users. 

Especially those with back or knee pains, or those suffering from arthritis.

Easy Landscape Edging

 Usually, a great time to really invest in your properties and yard work is during retirement. But that does open the likelihood of physical limitations which is why we created these products. 

To not feel limited but empowered to do what you love. 

Our products are lightweight, which means you can hold several sections (each section has 6 blocks or bricks) without putting a strain on your body. 

Our no-dig required products require that you only use a hammer to install. 

Types of edging we offer 

We offer a ton of different options for edging that you can be happy using. We offer Beuta bricks, blocks, and Blocks XL. All can get the job done for edging, but some may be better used for specific tasks. 

For example, Beuta bricks look like traditional masonry, but are lightweight, and easy to install. They are similar in size, but better in weight, style, and purpose! 

These are used wonderfully to line your home’s front garden beds, or pathways. They are also great for children at play to avoid tripping over such as encircling a playground!

Beuta blocks are similar only they are larger, and have a high profile look. These work best with plants that are large, to give a balanced appearance. 

Lastly, our Beuta Blocks XL are a great option too for a stacked look. Our blocks do not stack, but come in a way that you won’t need to stack, given the already existing height. 


lightweight landscape edging

All of our blocks and bricks come in an array of beautiful natural-stone like shades such as Limewash, Cobblestone, Sandstone, and Charcoal. 


So, there you go. A product that looks like real stone, without the heaviness, sharp edges, or challenging installation process. 

And the purpose? To create beautiful landscape edging-the easy way! No digging, no heavy lifting, and no hiring special landscapers to do it for you!

Just get your hammer, and secure the spikes that already come with your blocks or bricks, and see instant and fantastic results.

Easy landscape edging

Other Information 

You can head over to our website at Beuta which offers a more detailed line of products and prices. Feel free to contact us directly at 717-288-2637 or message us with any inquiries. 

You can learn alongside us through these simple DIY tutorial videos here on YouTube.

You can also follow us on Instagram and TikTok
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