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Comparing Beuta Landscape Edging With It’s Competitors

Comparing Beuta Landscape Edging With It’s Competitors

When it comes to landscape edging, we’ve yet to see a better option than Beuta. 

You might say we’re a little biased, but after comparing Beuta landscape edging with other competitors, you might find yourself agreeing with us. 

Recently, our Beuta team shared on TikTok’s social media platform some short comparison videos of our competitors. 

Sam, our resident landscaper and host, reviews some different types of edging compared to our Beuta blocks for landscape edging. 

The differences and similarities may surprise you, so let us walk you through our full review of them!

In the video, we test realistic appearance, hammer durability, ease of installation, anchor ability, flexibility, and weed-whacking durability. 

Let’s begin with the realistic appearance while comparing our faux-stone landscape edging to our competitor: a plastic brick. 

Realistic Appearance

Right away, even before any tests are run, you can see plainly that these are cheap materials, and look like they could crumble to pieces with minimal effort. 

They also very much look just like that–plastic bricks instead of naturalistic-looking stones like our blocks. 

Our products’ natural curves and unique undulating surfaces give a more realistic illusion of that faux-stone look. 

Our blocks for garden edging also have a shine to their appearance unlike the plastic bricks mentioned which look dull and unpolished. 

Now, you might be tempted to purchase edging to get the job done, but will they hold up is another question. 

Hammer Durability 

Right before our host, Sam gives both blocks a whack, he bends them to show if they are durable. The plastic bricks bend easily, looking almost ready to break whereas our Beuta blocks take more effort to stretch. 

The test: It only takes one whack to shatter a hole in the plastic brick. 

Next, he tests the Beuta brick with several whacks and they don’t leave a mark! 

That’s because our products are made from polyethylene and recycled materials that give our product not just beauty, but durability.

Ease of Installation

When installing Beuta bricks, you should first know that our bricks, blocks, and blocks XL all come in sections of six blocks. That means your back-and-forth trips are made easier. 

They are also extremely lightweight so you won’t hurt or strain your neck and back carrying them!

Our products include anchoring spikes for your convenience. That way all you need to install them would be your hammer. Not to mention you’ll be working with a no-dig necessary product!

With ease, Sam hammers in the 3 spikes that secure the blocks to the ground and has one section block done in just moments. 

When working with the plastic bricks, however, they each needed to be assembled to each other before being installed as if they were Lego block pieces. And then they are installed by sticking them in the ground. 

Anchor Ability

It was a tedious task to install the plastic bricks to the ground, now factor in whether they will stay secured to the ground. 

We were not convinced when we put them in the ground which might not be as effective for different types of terrain. 

Also, knowing how flimsy they were, we expected them to break just while installing them on the ground.

So, they were both relatively easy to install, but we wanted to see if they would be secured to the ground and stay in place when we interacted with them. 

Sam takes a few steps walking across them, and it doesn’t take much for the plastic bricks to quickly move out of place. With a few kicks, they completely come apart!

But then, he does the same thing with the Beuta blocks, and they stay in place, just like we knew they would. Kicking them won’t make them budge! 


When it comes to flexibility, bending and shaping the plastic bricks are not as easy as you expect. When shaped into a “U” shape, the anchors fall out and the blocks are disconnected. 

Now, when Sam takes the Beuta blocks and bends them into a “u” shape, they bend as if they were made and intended to do just that. They do so with ease! 

Our faux edging stones were created to allow you to bend, shape, create, and install with ease while respecting the natural terrain of your yard! 

If you want to blend these landscape edging blocks with the curves and shapes of your existing plants, these will do the job perfectly! 

And lastly, weed whacking!

When Sam brings the weed whacker along the plastic bricks, upon closer examination, the blocks appear to be missing bits and pieces. 

Of course, when examining the Beuta blocks, there are no knicks or scratches visible! They also stayed in place, as they were made to do!


Overall, both types of edging were still relatively easy to install.  They also had the added perk of being lightweight, which is always easier than hauling real stone. 

Check out the video here for yourself to be our judge! But with the evidence at hand, Beuta comes in first place with the best overall landscape edging. 

If you want to create an oasis from scratch, there’s no better DIY project that is as manageable and approachable than Beuta Landscaping!

Other Information 

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