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How does Beuta compare to alternatives like brick, wood and metal?

How does Beuta compare to alternatives like brick, wood and metal?

Let’s get real. We are constantly bombarded with ideas that make us second-guess ourselves when buying something completely new. 

Social media, for all its benefits, can also be overwhelming, and overstimulating, and we are just over it!

When it comes to landscaping, it’s easy to again feel overwhelmed with all the choices, and ideas floating around out there. 

Should you go with plastic? Stone? Brick, wood, or even metal?

What are the real pros and cons, and the honest costs?

What can we get from it all?

To help you better understand your options, without needing to do lengthy research, we would like to share with you the differences between brick, wood, and metal and then give you the best option as an alternative.

We will break down the pros and cons that involve topics like cost, installation appearance, maintenance, and durability. 

We hope this will help you make a better choice for the future. 


We decided to start with what you know best, the most traditional option for landscaping and masonry. Brick. 


These are a great option, if you are looking to stack your edging, and want to match your home brick style as well. They tend to hold up pretty well for the weather but might need some adjusting with a lot of rain or weather changes. 


They almost always require heavy lifting, straining on your back, and possibly extra hands to get the job done. Usually, they also require some digging which means more tools. They also can be dangerous to install around young children and are not safe for play areas like encircling playgrounds. 

As far as prices, this can get pretty expensive because you usually have to pay for the intensive labor and workers, depending on the size of the project. 



These can be a great option for those into carpentry or if you have a high supply of wood and materials. They can come in many forms such as raw wood or freshly sanded wood from commercial stores. You can also purchase ready-made edging made from wood materials but may have a gloss or polish to give it a finished appearance. 


Unless they are sealed with the right finish, they are not water-absorbent. They also can be time-consuming to install. 



These can be a durable option as long as they are well placed in the ground, They can also be easy to style, and shape, depending on whether you buy them as individual sections. 


However, they can be time-consuming to install. They are, however, even with a finish more prone to rusting. And they are not always Food grade-safe, to have near your home-grown plants, fruits, and vegetables. 

Also, they tend to have sharp edges, another unsafe option to have around children. Not to mention your own time during the installation! 

The Best Option

No matter what we choose we have to admit that all of these options add property value to your homes. They all give order, and structure to your landscaping that wasn’t previously there. They also draw attention to your garden beds and the natural undulating hills of your unique landscapes. 

However, even with all their perks, and benefits, we believe there is a stand-out product, that is incomparable, to the others. One we haven’t mentioned, and that is also the best block! 

What is a Beuta block?

This is what we call them for an umbrella term, but we have 3 unique styles.

We have what’s called a Beuta brick, which looks similar to the one mentioned above in size and shape. 

Next, we offer a Beuta block which is a high-profile version of the brick, giving you some added height. 

And last, but not least, our Beuta block XL. Just as the name suggests, this block has a raised profile look with the greatest height and is a great alternative if you were planning to stack your bricks the traditional way. These block XLs are a great way to invest in height, and save you time!

All of our options are a NO DIG product. That means you just need to bring your hammer and install it into the ground with the anchoring spikes that come pre-packed with your products. 

They offer beauty, and elegance, and give off a faux stone edging look to all who pass by. The best part is that these are lightweight! 

Created from poly-resin recycled materials, and made here in Lancaster PA, these products are easy to carry, allowing you to carry several at a time! 


So there you go! 

The best landscaping alternative, that is lightweight, food-grade safe, easy to install, and easy on the eyes!

Bring beauty to your yard, and let Beuta help you get the job done!

Other Information 

You can head over to our website at Beuta which offers a more detailed line of products and prices. Feel free to contact us directly at 717-288-2637 or message us with any inquiries. 

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