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3 Landscaping Tips To Easily Transform Your Yard

3 Landscaping Tips To Easily Transform Your Yard


We want to share with you some of our best landscaping tips to help people transform their yards. 

From a seasoned expert, Sam! 

March can be a fickle season, especially in Northeast Pa. Some days, you will get balmy 60-degree weather, and the next you’ll find yourself shoveling your driveway. But, we still are hopeful as we wait till spring, or better yet April. 

Yet, even with the fickle weather, the cherry blossoms and dogwood trees have already flowered, and yellow daffodils can be seen across the hills. 

So, if you’re feeling the hope of spring and the possibility of creating a little bit of heaven on your properties, we want to help inspire you. 

But first, let’s get some advice from the experts! 

Sam our host has a lot of experience working at Beuta through manufacturing our products. He also has spent a lot of time doing professional landscaping and fine-tuning people's yards to make them immaculate and beautiful. 

Now, with all of his experience, he has become a very helpful asset here at Beuta, installing our products for projects, social media content, and local neighborhoods. 

He fully appreciates the ease of how lightweight these products are, thanks to the poly-resin and recycled materials used to make these products. This also helps them be lightweight, durable, yet supportive and long-lasting. 

Installing these, especially for a landscaper like Sam, is a breeze. 

Here are his tips, from a Beuta expert! 

Video 1 Tips

 If you’re looking to create a beautiful yard and add some curb appeal, without hauling heavy stones, then Beuta is for you! 

Once you’ve selected the type of blocks or bricks you want, simply prep your section blocks in the shape you desire.

Slide your sections together, by connecting the female to the male end.

As long as you have a hammer, you can connect and secure your section blocks with the anchoring spikes that come with your products. 

Watch here as Sam shows us the quick and easy steps! 

Video 2 Tips

Before getting started, on any of your projects, take a look in your shed or garage. Yes, before you spend more money on unnecessary materials, find your well-worn gloves, and gardening tools and make sure they are ready for the new season work. 

Remember, that worn materials simply meant they were well used, and investing in some new materials will only better support your gardening aspirations! 

Thankfully, you won’t need too many extra tools for installing Beuta. 

Essentially you will only need a hammer, for easy installation. But more practically, it wouldn’t hurt to have a good pair of gardening gloves, if you will get your hands dirty by adding plants or mulching in an area. 

These no-dig products, won’t require gloves, and their soft and smooth edges will keep you from getting injured or cuts that normally happen on traditional cement or brick masonry. 

So, whether worn or in need of new gloves, take inventory and check to see what you need. 

Check out Sam’s advice here

Video 3 Tips

If you’re looking to see your trees bloom again, you will want to make sure you prune the areas. 

Thankfully, the winter and bare branches allow you to see what needs pruning. You can technically prune any time of year though, but there is no better time to get your chance than now! 

Before we know it, green buds will be making their grand entrance and you will sigh with relief!

So hurry, and prune, remove the dead leaves that hang in the branches or old nests, and keep those branches happy and healthy! 

Watch this video here to see how it’s done! 


So there you have it, three tips on getting started, taking inventory, and pruning your trees. 

If you do happen to prune those trees, and still feel like they are something else, try encircling them with Beuta blocks!

Our edging blocks come in three different sizes such as our brick, which is the traditional size, the block, which is more of a high profile look, and the block XL, a great option if you’re looking to get some height or a stacked look!

Our blocks for landscape edging come in naturalistic colors such as Sandstone, Cobblestone, Greystone, Charcoal, and Limewash. 

Lining these faux edging stones on walkways, pathways, driveways, or gardens will be a great way to start to summon the beauty of spring to your yard! 

We can’t wait to see you get started!

Other Information 

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