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AirBnB Transformations With Beuta's Landscape Edging

AirBnB Transformations With Beuta's Landscape Edging

Recently, Beuta went to Sarasota, Florida to make an Airbnb transformation! 

While the marketing team was in Sarasota, they worked hard to establish a few things on their Airbnb property. 

The marketing team’s mission was to fix up Airbnb’s landscape areas in both the front yard and the backyard, which is why we, Beuta, wanted to highlight their incredible Airbnb Transformation. Check out their experience and details of the makeover! 

The process 

Before we get started, we should mention that there was a ton of front work involved before installing Beuta blocks. 

The process required them to begin with a ton of digging, starting with removing all the old landscape edging using traditional landscape edging methods. 

For example, when they began the work in the front yard, they noticed that the original edging currently in use was paver stones. These paver stones were in tough shape, as some of them had moved out of place from the weather elements, and due to their single brick style nature.

 That’s what’s great about Beuta blocks. Unlike other forms of edging, these come in sections, with attached anchoring spikes, allowing us to secure these to the ground, knowing they won’t budge! 

So, once they got to work, they had to remove the pre-existing landscape edging which required a lot of physical labor! The tasks also necessitated special tools for digging, and gloves to get the job done. 

Once they were finished in the front yard, they worked their way into the backyard. 

Here, they encountered a similar problem: the pre-existing edging was railroad tiles. These happened to be wooden materials that also needed to be dug up. These were heavily eroded and difficult to carry without gloves.

What worked, what didn’t 

When first getting started, they realized that their approach to installing beuta blocks would not have the same ease as starting from scratch because of the prior landscaping. 

As they worked through the challenges they realized how nice it would have been to have removed Beuta blocks over the traditional masonry, and why installing, or if needed, uninstalling our alternative to the old way of landscaping is always the better option! 

All about Beuta

So, while the Beuta team was happy to go down to make this transformation happen, you should know that you can order our landscaping blocks even if you are not local in PA where our products are made and manufactured. 

Using poly-resin and recycled materials, we create gorgeous landscaping edging that works practically, and shines beautifully! 

Whatever landscape aesthetic, you can count on Beuta to meet your style needs, and have it work for your space! Thankfully, we offer a plethora of color options for you that will blend well with your landscaping, home colors, or yard decor! 

These colors such as Sandstone, Cobblestone, Greystone, Limewash, and Charcoal, are great choices if you want to go bold and make a statement, or go camouflaged and blend in with the property. You can find all these color options in the different sizes as well! 

Our Amish-run and Amish-owned company works hard and takes their love for excellence and community and brings that to your yard. 

You can check out the information below to see if we ship directly to you! 

The great thing about all that work was that we know that Beuta will be long-lasting, no matter the weather or years used. 

Thankfully, if you decide to change your mind on the style, or want to change up your yard and re-work your Beuta blocks for easy edging in a different area, the process will be a lot easier than having to uproot traditional masonry. 

Our products are lightweight, easy to install, and if needed un-install! These no dig products will keep your back strain-free, and will be an easy job done in a day! 

Landscaping Options

With the property, you can see that we used different styles to work with the natural space, and how the different styles complimented the surrounding plants. 

At Beuta, we offer three sizes such as the brick which looks similar to a traditional cement brick. 

Our next size up is the block which has a higher profile look than that of the brick. It gives you added height without needing to stack. 

Our last option is our Block XL which as the name suggests, is our largest and highest profile block. A great option to give you a ton of height without needing to stack as well! 

The Results

Finally, the blocks that were installed were XL blocks encircled around a small mulched garden. Regular blocks for mulched garden beds along the house, and regular bricks on the outer circle for the garden space. 

These helped create a maximum statement rather than having the plants go unnoticed.

In the back of the Airbnb, the Beuta bricks were smaller but worked for the landscaping area. As a rental space, they wanted the bricks to also work for the backyard area, which meant considering those that might bring children with them. These are safe to play near, as well as food-grade safe as well!


So, if you’re looking to update your outdoor aesthetic for your own home, an Airbnb, or rental, Beuta blocks will be the best option out there! Get the job done, simple and fast with Beuta, the answer to all your landscaping needs. 

We can’t wait to see how it transforms your space! 

Other Information 

You can head over to our website at Beuta which offers a more detailed line of products and prices. Feel free to contact us directly at 717-288-2637 or message us with any inquiries. 

You can learn alongside us through these simple DIY tutorial videos here on YouTube.

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