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How many shapes can you make with Beuta landscape edging?

How many shapes can you make with Beuta landscape edging?

We pour a lot of time and love into our products. So, it’s only fitting that we should show you that we can create a heart shape from these uniquely made, poly resin faux stone edging blocks!

But we won’t stop there. Our Beuta blocks are flexible enough to create any shape you want. Yes, you heard that right. Any shape. 

Some shapes include rectangles, circles, semi-circles, squares, lines, stars, and curves! 

How To Use Them?


Well, thankfully, we are not limited to just shapes but have endless purposes with our Blocks for landscape edging.

If you have beautiful trees that need a little something extra for your front yard, encircling them with edging blocks can help you enhance them and draw attention to them in the best ways. 

If you don’t have a garden bed, you can create a rectangle or square shape, with our bricks or blocks! 

Maybe you have a playground in your backyard for your kids or grandkids, but need something durable for the weather, but safe enough for little ones at play. Using our blocks for your playground will be a great way to ensure safety, as well as shape and define your backyard. 

So, wrap them around the perimeter of your playground for the ultimate imaginative place for safety and fun! 

You can check out our social media pages below for more uses and purposes, and to get inspired! 

All about Beuta

We are Beuta, an Amish-owned landscaping company. We fuse beauty and functionality to make it easy to install blocks for all your landscaping needs. 

We create these poly-resin materials using 30 percent of recycled materials. These blocks are made right here in Lancaster County with Amish workers pouring love and care into their work. 

Examples of More Shapes

Here is a great example of how one home incorporated the use of semi-circles and straight lines, thanks to the durable and flexible qualities of Beuta blocks for faux stone edging!

A beautiful home here takes on the curve of the land and shows a sense of flow and beauty with the easy edging for landscaping. Truly breathtaking!

Chart For Shape and Function Block 

We know installing these is a breeze, but for someone new, we understand that the terms or types of blocks can be confusing at first. 

We made a chart for your reference to see exactly what you will need when creating a special shape:


Bricks/blocks/Blocks XL

NO function block needed


Bricks/blocks/Blocks XL

Right turn/left turn block


Bricks/blocks/Blocks XL

Right turn/left turn block

Lines and curves

Bricks/blocks/Blocks XL

Start and End block


Beuta Vs Traditional Landscape Edging 

Often, people are very impressed at the fact these blocks are not real stones. Real stones are very beautiful, but they are heavy and difficult to install on your own, and if you have someone else do it, it usually comes at an expensive cost. 

That’s why we created Beuta blocks for landscape edging that give you the appearance of naturalistic stone, with a gentle shine, and are lightweight to hold and install. 

Colors and Other Options

Once again, you have variety in shape and purposes. But you will also be happy to hear that the variety is there for colors too. 

Our blocks come in beautiful earth tones such as Sandstone, Cobblestone, Greystone, Charcoal, and Limewash. 

We offer a brick size, which is similar to the traditional brick shape. We then have what we call a block, to give a high profile appearance. And last, but not least, we have the Block XL which is great for if you want to create a stacked look for a large garden bed or shaped around your walkways or home. 

(Check out the information below for more information on styles, function blocks, and other products!)

What We Guarantee 

We believe in these products, so we know we are giving the best. Our workers ensure each product is of the utmost quality when packaged.

It’s possible of course to receive a faulty product now and then, so in the rare case that this happens, our team is always happy to help give you what you need and the best for what you paid for. 

We also made these products to last, which is why you can expect fast and free shipping as well as a lifetime warranty. 

No matter the weather elements, or lawn care upkeep, these products will shine and live up to their value! 

So get shaping and let Beuta help you go beyond the edging with limitless shapes style.

Other Information

You can head over to our website at Beuta which offers a more detailed line of products and prices. Feel free to contact us directly at 717-288-2637 or message us with any inquiries. 

You can learn alongside us through these simple DIY tutorial videos here on Youtube

You can also follow us on Instagram and TikTok

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