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How To Create A Landscape With Faux Stone Edging

How To Create A Landscape With Faux Stone Edging

Have you ever found yourself in a secret garden? One with rows and rows of flowers, their powerful scent perfuming the air? Green ivy that dances and intertwines with each other. Endless green shrubbery and vegetables that have pops of red and orange woven through a garden trellis.

Maybe, this describes your backyard perfectly, or the garden you long to create.

We were lucky to find ourselves in one of these places. A secret garden in real life situated around a prominent and historical brick home that is naturally fenced in with sky-high fern trees and maple leaves.

There’s a wrap-around porch that makes you want a southern iced tea as you sit in the rocking chairs that are shaded with cascading geranium flower baskets.

And even with the busy roads and zooming cars nearby, you would never know that there’s a whole other world out there when you’re hidden in the shade.

They had everything from the garden beds, with deftly planted herbs, to the dogs that knew how to enjoy themselves as they sunbathe in the open grass.

But even among all these picturesque elements, their home needed one thing, to bring it together.

And that is where Beuta came in. This family desired to bring all of their gardens together, bringing continuity and framing to their diverse gardens, walkways, and plants.

At Beuta, landscapes are a favorite thing and we are excited to help bring your landscape to life, effortlessly.

What they needed


To begin, they wanted to create structures around their trees,  so they mulched and lined their individual, beautiful trees with Beuta bricks to keep them from feeling randomly placed or scattered in their yard. The Beuta landscape edging gives them a more polished and organized look. 

Thankfully, the family was able to create a round shape to encircle their tree, giving it a more purposeful and intentional placement.  

For their walkway, they had stone steps, featuring regal potted plants. The walkway was a short walk from their driveway to their front porch, but laced along the way they incorporated faux-stone edging that went perfectly with their real stone steps. 

Finally, they placed some brick edging along their hydrangea bushes. These impressive flowers give a cushioned effect to their home with bright violets and blues right around the outside of their porch. This made their flowers sing, bringing all the attention and focus to their perfumed glory.


Who we are


We are Beuta, a small family-owned business here in Lancaster, PA. We make our products from poly-resin materials that make them incredibly flexible for any task to fit your garden, backyard, or outdoor property needs. We are the beginning and final step to making your garden an oasis.

In Lancaster, we have a heavily Amish-inspired culture. This is why it’s no coincidence to the fact that owner and CEO, Merv King was born and raised Amish, inspiring hard work and passion to his company and employees.

These masterfully created products are not just the result of innovative roto-molded construction, but Merv King’s influence of excellence and quality in every product made.


Beuta Bricks vs Beuta Blocks


This specific family’s projects had the option to choose between bricks and blocks. Beuta blocks will give you a raised stone appearance, while Beuta blocks will give you a dug-in stone appearance without all the challenging digging. You simply line the area you need, as seen here, connect the parts, and add as needed for any length needed. Then you will have a beautiful realistic-looking stone that elevates the space.

And in case we didn’t mention, these are not just bricks—they are created from innovation and creativity as well as design. Beyond the aesthetic appearance, they were intentionally designed with more flexibility thanks to the poly-resin materials.

This allows for seamless bending and shaping to match your vision for easy installation. So whether you want to make circles, squares, rectangles, or semi-circles…you name it! Beuta has the ability to create practically any shape you desire.


Why choose Beuta over hiring a professional?


What’s great about these products is that there is no strenuous lifting required. Though the tasks were many, carrying the equipment was a breeze for this family. There is that natural stone look without spraining your knees and back.

Here they got to encircle trees, adorn gardens, and trace their driveways and pathways. They did all of this without needing to hire professionals to get the job done for them.

Setting up these bricks was not a problem, but an easy solution to beautify their space and organize its boundaries. Which is why it was so easy to create a circular shape around their isolated trees.


How can you transform your landscape?



Installation is easy with our slide-on and slide-off effect connection system. A simple hammer is the only tool that you need for the process that is made easy for everyone.  Each Beuta brick section comes with three anchoring spikes ensuring sure and durable placements so you can design and shape with ease. 

This will be a DIY project, but one that is simple, straightforward, and lightweight to carry. 


What styles of faux stone edging do we offer


They are available in five different styles that are hyper-realistic colors such as greystone, sandstone, cobblestone, limewash, and charcoal. We also offer seasonal colors!

Our function blocks serve different purposes that you might want to be made aware of.

We have right and left turn, extender, and start and end bricks. Left and right turn bricks are for sharp corners in square and rectangle layouts. This specific function block helped finish off the brick edging along their walkways. Extender bricks make it simple to cover a bit more ground. End and start bricks offer a polished finish in any layout from the start.

For more details on this, you can watch our tutorial on function bricks right here


What we promise


We are also proud to say that our products are made in the USA. 

They are resistant to rust, fading, and corrosion. All products have a 2-year warranty as well. 

We love our community and we’re honored to be part of this project to help this family edify and embellish their landscape and home. We look forward to seeing you transform your yard. 

Head over to our website at Beuta which offers a more detailed line of products as well as prices. Feel free to contact us directly by phone at 717-288-2637 or message us with any inquiries.


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