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How To Make Landscaping Accessible

How To Make Landscaping Accessible

Landscaping Meets Accessibility

Do you wish you could spend more time in the garden, but are limited by a physical condition?

If you suffer from arthritis, osteoarthritis, or a host of other conditions, we understand how that can cause a strain on your gardening ambitions.

Perhaps you were looking forward to retirement to enjoy the time and freedom you can spend finally dedicating your time to gardening. That hobby that you already have established or want to begin. There’s nothing more cathartic than the sensory experience of soil and plants.

But over the years, maybe you’ve developed a physical condition that impedes your day-to-day activities, especially the ones that bring you joy.

There are techniques that physical therapists have developed and implemented with patients who have one of these conditions, to avoid added strain. Thankfully, they are still helpful.

One technique if you are lifting heavy items is to distribute the weight more evenly. You can do this by using a tarp, and dragging the weight as it’s spread out, rather than centered.

While this can be a wonderful technique for your day-to-day activities, it still won’t inhibit possible injuries that can be incurred during that process. You could sprain a wrist or an ankle while moving bricks onto the tarp. Or throw out your back while ambitiously carrying bricks to a designated area.

But there is an easier way, an affordable and cost-effective way that is inclusive to all garden enthusiasts. One that doesn’t require you to strain your back or be more prone to injuries.


An Easier Way To Do Landscaping

Working with Beuta blocks to create gorgeous landscape edging is not just possible, but simple and made for everyone.


Beuta Founder & CEO, Merv King

These blocks were first created by Amish-owned family business, Beuta, located in Lancaster, PA. Merv King, the CEO and creator pours hard work and dedication into his finely crafted products that are made durable, flexible, and lightweight for any garden DIY project.

If you wish to encircle your front yard trees, or mulch in and line your grandchild’s playground, you can create a faux-stone edging look using Beuta blocks.

You could use them to create a safe place for your vegetables with blocks for garden edging. Or, you could line your pathways and driveways with our faux edging stones for a polished and finished look to your home.

Hauling heavy stones can cause a strain on your back, not adding to that cathartic experience. Our blocks were uniquely designed from poly-resin materials to be lightweight. Light enough that a child could hold and carry from one place to the next. And if they were to drop it, it would not cause an injury.



These blocks are uniquely designed for you to be able to carry several at a time, without needing to make several trips.  

Taming your backyard and creating manicured landscapes takes precious time and consideration. More than that, it takes a toll on your physical well-being. While it can initially have that cathartic feel, some projects you want to manifest may require heavy lifting, expensive tools, and more hands. At least, that’s what you might expect. 

But with Beuta, we did all the hard work creating our products, and well packaging them so that your garden experience can be enjoyable, as it was always meant to be. 



Making Installation A Breeze

Our products come with anchoring spikes so that all you need when assembling your block or brick is a hammer. The installation process is made simple, so long as you have your hammer.

If Beuta bricks may still pose a challenge if using a hammer is still a barrier for you, they are still a great alternative for a financial purchase over the traditional landscaper fees. Hiring a professional may be nice to install the traditional masonry, but we know fees can cause a different strain, beyond the physical one.

So, if you’re considering Beuta bricks, to work alongside a family member, like handing them a section block, as they easily hammer in the spikes, these are the products for you!

Beuta bricks are the perfect solution to all the hard labor that comes with landscaping. You can say goodbye to straining your back and hello to lightweight bricks for easy installation. Our lightweight blocks are the upgraded and elevated version of traditional masonry, made just for you.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to feel the dirt on your hands, and the sun on your back again.



You can head over to our website at Beuta which offers a more detailed line of products as well as prices. 

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