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Safest Landscape Edging For Pets and Kids

Want to know the real reason we created our blocks for landscape edging?

Originally, we created them not just for you, or your backyards. Not just to house your vegetables or line your pretty walkways. They were made for your kids!

Beuta was made as a safer option for children on playgrounds since many of them require edging whether to section it off on your property or keep in mulch and dirt that takes up that space. 

When we realized how effective the product was for creating a safer playing environment for kids, we expanded their utility purposes to all forms of landscape edging such as yards, gardens, walkways, etc. 

It’s no secret that kids playing is a key part in their development for growth and good health. 

And we love to encourage their bravery and independence as they learn about the world around them and participate in imaginative or physical activities outside. 

Sometimes though, all that fun and taking chances can lead to getting injured, even with parental supervision!

While playing imaginative dragons or walking the plank, they may fall along the edging. 

In the video mentioned below (and if you read the comments) you’ll see countless stories of people who have been injured with metal edging because their kids fell on it or accidentally sliced themselves. 

And if it wasn’t the child, it was an adult while installing them. 

At Beuta, we want to emphasize the importance of safety and that landscape edging should first be safe, not just aesthetic.  

Check out this video stitch where we comment on problems with other edging. 

Let’s not forget about your pets!

You might ask, will these faux stone edging be safe for animals? If they lick the surfaces or decide to play and run across the yard along them, will they too be safe from harm's way?

The short answer is, yes! 

Beuta is still a safer option for landscape edging than traditional metal landscape edgings for pets. Many people let their dogs, cats, and animals into the yard and the animals can accidentally get hurt and “slice” themselves on metal edging whether it’s a paw or a tail, etc. 

Especially if you have the animals outside, playing regularly, or if they are prone to wander in garden beds or around the house where edging may be. 

Just as it is for kids, Beuta is also safe for animals to be near because our unique edging has smooth edges while remaining sturdy if a child or a pet walks on top of them. 

It also can act as a barrier for protecting their garden and landscaping and keeping furry paws out. But if your animal, or child for that matter, licks the surface, you can be at ease knowing these are food-grade safe! 

We want to emphasize to pet owners that they never have to worry about the safety of their animals when it comes to Beuta. 

Check out this video for more clarification. 

All About Beuta 

Beuta is the answer to your landscaping aesthetic and the remedy for safer edging for your family and pets. 

Our landscape edging blocks will make your space look complete, and refreshed for any season. Our blocks for easy edging are easy to install, and take just minutes to complete with your hammer and our spikes that come with Beuta packages.

Secure these into the ground with the spikes without needing to dig up the dirt, and you’ll be thanking us later for the strain-free experience due to the lightweight nature of Beuta blocks. 

Made from poly-resin and recycled materials, these blocks and their smooth edges will make your installation safe, and the experience of your children and pets around them safe as well! 

Our blocks come in several different colors such as Greystone, Limewash, Charcoal, and more! You can check out more color options on our website listed below. 

Where to install?

The sky's the limit with where you’d like to install Beuta landscape edging.

You can go the classical route, and install them leading up to your driveways for a grand entrance feeling. 

You can place them around the perimeter of your home to give dimension and smooth lines. 

You could also put them around garden beds, playgrounds, camping grounds, pools, and more! 


Give your yard your best landscaping aesthetic and give your family and pets a safe environment with Beuta edging. 

We hope you will invest in this product for the beauty and safety of your properties! 

Other Information 

You can head over to our website at Beuta which offers a more detailed line of products and prices. Feel free to contact us directly at 717-288-2637 or message us with any inquiries. 

You can learn alongside us through these simple DIY tutorial videos here on YouTube.

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