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Frequently asked questions

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What makes Beuta Landscape Edging different?

 Beuta makes faux-stone landscape edging in the form of blocks and bricks. Our edging is easily installed, flexible, lightweight, and also requires no digging. It takes very little time or effort to add to your yard, and all you need is a hammer! It is a great solution that doesn’t involve bringing in a landscape company, going to a mason, or hauling heavy stones. The best part is, anyone can use Beuta.

What is the point of this product? Why was it created?

We wanted to create a product for anyone who has mobility limitations, arthritic issues, or are simply looking for a beautifying project they can complete on their own without hiring a professional. Beuta is especially ideal for anyone who deals with severe pain in their knees, backs, or joints, and as a result, can’t lift heavy stones, haul bricks, or do any form of digging. We are happy to provide a lightweight, no dig solution that allows our customers to take charge of creating a beautiful outdoor oasis that they can feel proud of.


How much do Beuta block sections cost? 

A single section retails at $39.99, and a four pack retails at $159.96.

How much do Beuta brick sections cost?

 single section retails at $21, and a six pack retails at $126.


How long do Beuta products last?

Beuta products last well over 15 years due to the unique, roto-molded construction and poly-resin material used in its construction.

How do Beuta blocks/bricks hold up against a weed whacker?

Our blocks are extremely durable and can withstand regular edge trimming without any scratching or damage!

Can you stand on Beuta blocks?

Yes! Beuta blocks are incredibly durable and can withstand heavy weight without being damaged or crushed.

How do they hold up against direct sunlight? Will they fade?

Beuta blocks and bricks are durable enough to be used even in hot climates. We have a large customer base in Florida, and they have held up against year-round sun without melting, deforming or fading!

Can they hold up against the wind?

Yes! The 15 inch anchoring spikes we provide with each section ensures secure installation. All you need is a hammer to install the anchoring spikes.

How do they hold up against snow?

The blocks are incredibly durable and their quality will not be compromised, even in extremely cold temperatures! They will freeze, then thaw when it is warmer.

Will the blocks or bricks mold? Rust? Fade? 

No, they will not mold, rust or fade.


Can Beuta blocks be stacked?

We do not encourage stacking, however, check out our 10” tall Beuta Block XL’s!

What if I want to make a square or rectangle shape with the blocks? Do you have 90 degree adapters?

We do indeed! We offer both left and right turn blocks that make it easy to create these shapes and fit your landscaping needs. 

How many sections are needed to make a circle?

Our smallest circle requires 3 sections, which is 4’ in diameter, and our other most common size is 4 sections, which is 5’ in diameter. 5 Sections creates a 6.5’ diameter circle.

What if I need just one more block? Do I need to buy a whole section and cut one off?

We created Extender blocks for this very reason! You can order them individually to help you finish off your projects.

Can the blocks be used for a retaining wall? 

Absolutely! They will keep your mulch, gravel or soil in place. 

Will the blocks stop runoff?

While they can stop mild runoff, water will still flow through the gaps between the blocks.

Are Beuta blocks safe for pets?

Yes, they are safe for pets.


What if I get sent a defective product?

Beuta is happy to replace any and all defective products due to manufacturing issues. Contact us directly and we will be happy to assist you! 

What is your return policy?

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee with no questions asked. 


How long is one section of blocks or bricks?

Both the blocks and bricks sections measure a total length of 4 feet.

How tall are the blocks?

Each individual block stands at a height of 6.5 inches tall. 

How tall are the bricks?

Each individual brick stands at a height of 2.5 inches tall. 


How do I know how much to order?

Start by measuring the entire landscaping area where you are installing Beuta blocks. Take note of any curves or corners that may require function blocks. Once you have the total number of linear feet, divide that number by 4 feet, which is the total length of one section of blocks and bricks. That number is the amount of sections you will need to cover your space!

Where can I purchase these?

You can purchase on our website,, or check out our Amazon store!

Where do you ship to?

Currently, we only ship to all lower 48 states in the US, but we are always looking to expand!

Do you ship to *insert country outside of the US*?

Currently, we only ship within the continental US, but we are always looking to expand!

How much does shipping cost?

We offer fast and free shipping!

How soon after ordering does my order ship?

We pick, pack, and ship orders on the same day if the order is received by 2:00 pm EST. If we receive the order after 2:00 pm, it will be shipped the following day. The average shipping time is 2-5 business days after we hand off to our shipping partner.

How do you ship out orders?

We ship most orders through UPS or FedEx. Larger orders are quoted and shipped in the way that is most economical for the customer.


What exactly are Beuta products made out of? 

 They are made of low-density polyethylene (LDPE), or poly resin, with a percentage of recycled material in each block/brick.

How much recycled material is in each block exactly?

Depending on the color, each block is made up of about 25% recycled materials, and our charcoal color contains up to 30% recycled material!

Where are these made/manufactured?

We make all of our products in Strasburg, Pennsylvania. We are proud to be USA made!

Are they made of toxic microplastics and if so, won’t they leach into the ground?

Our products are made of non-toxic, food grade/food safe polyresin of the highest quality. They are completely safe to use in edible gardens.

Are they made sustainably and/or made with recycled materials?

We are proud to have a zero-waste production process! We also use a percentage of recycled materials in every block and brick we create.


What is the purpose of Start Blocks and End Blocks?

Start and End Function Blocks are used when you are not connecting your sections to create a circle or rectangle, and instead are simply installing a line of sections connected together. They conceal the connector and give your project a finished, professional look.

What is the purpose of Extender Blocks?

Extender Blocks act as a bridge when you need to cover just a small bit of ground that will not fit an entire section.

What is the purpose of Left and Right Turn Blocks?

Left and Right Turn Blocks allow you to execute sharp 90 degree turns when creating a square or rectangle shape.


What colors do the blocks and bricks come in?

We currently offer 5 different natural stone-inspired colors: Greystone, Cobblestone, Sandstone, Charcoal and Limewash. We are always looking to add more colorways to our lineup!


Do I need to purchase the landscaping spikes separately or are they included? 

Each section of Blocks comes with two landscaping spikes included, and each Brick section comes with three landscaping spikes included! If you find that you have not received the included amount of spikes with your order, please let us know and we would be happy to send you replacement spikes!

Can I purchase extra landscaping spikes?

If you’d like, you may purchase extra landscaping spikes on our website.

How do I use the landscaping spikes?

The landscaping spikes go in the pre-drilled holes between the first two blocks and the last two blocks. There are directions printed on the box that the product is shipped in, so be sure to take a look at them before beginning installation.

What are the landscaping spikes made out of?

Our landscaping spikes are made of stainless steel.


What are your office hours?

We are open every weekday 9-5pm EST, and closed on the weekends. Call anytime between these hours to reach us!

How can I get in contact with Customer Service?

You can give us a call at (717) 288-2637, or shoot us a message on our website under the “Contact” tab!