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How To Measure Your Space For Beuta

So you’re ready to transform your yard with Beuta blocks, but you’re not entirely sure how to measure accurately!

Here we will walk you through the easy step-by-step solution to measuring your yard so you can effortlessly enhance your backyard!

What You'll Need

What you’ll need to measure your space accurately is:

  • tape measure

  • rope or string

  • pen and paper

Option 1

Take a tape measure and measure to the exact inch you need for Beuta’s landscape edging.

Recommended for straight landscapes.

Option 2

Take a long string or rope and outline your landscape to the exact inch and lay it on the ground.

Recommended for curved designs.

How to Measure Your Project

Watch this video to learn how EASY it is to measure your landscape edging.

Below is a quick step-by-step process to measure your new Beuta landscape edging.

Step By Step Guide

Step 1: Measure Your Space

Measure Your Landscaping. Use a measuring tape and note the measurements.

If using a long rope or string for curved landscapes, then lay it down on the ground into the desired shape and then measure the length of the rope.

Step 2: Gather Your

Write down each measurement you gathered from measuring your space on a diagram. This will help you in the next step.

In our diagram, the area with the dimensions need Beuta Blocks.

Step 3: Determine Your Lengths

Determine Total Lengths.

Calculate the total number of 4-foot sections and any function blocks needed.

Step 3a: Plot Out Function Blocks

Start by laying out where the function blocks (start blocks, end blocks, left or right turns) should be placed.  

You can see in our example, we placed the left turn blocks, start, end, and extender blocks. 

We place these down first because these will always be in the same.

Step 3b: Subtract Function Block Lengths from Total Lengths

Gather the measurements of the function blocks. Each function block is approximately 7.25". 

In our example, our total length 1 is 165" and the length of the function block for side 1 is 11.25".

From there we subtract the function block length from the total length. For side 1 we get 153.75". Repeat this process for each length.

Step 3C: Divide Total lengths by 4ft to determine total sections needed

Finally, we can divide these numbers by 48 inches, or 4 feet, since that is the length of a single section of our landscape edging.

153.75" divided by 48" is 3.2 and 86.75" divided by 48" is 1.8. Since this measurement is approximate, we’ll round these numbers to 3 and 2, meaning we’ll need a total of 5 sections.

Step 4: Order Your Beuta

Head to our product page and select color and size.

Then select the total number of sections and function blocks needed, and place your order.

If you need any help or have any questions then please do not hesitate to give us a call or get in touch!

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