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Landscape Edging

Landscape edging, also known as garden edging, is the ideal DIY project for homeowners to add long-lasting curb appeal to their property.

Beuta edging is easy to install and eases the burden of landscaping maintenance — while adding a beautiful, clean look to your lawn and flower beds.

Make Beautifying Your Yard Easy

What are the benefits of landscape edging?

Visual appeal: High-quality garden edging can dramatically transform the appearance of your landscaping by adding neat lines, rhythm, flow, and texture.

Easy maintenance: Landscape edging helps stop pesky weeds from creeping into your garden and holds borders securely. The physical barrier retains mulch, stopping it from washing away. Additionally, clearly defined edges are much easier to mow or trim around, without needing to regularly redefine the line between grass and bed.

Is garden edging worth it?

For many homeowners, the benefits of landscape edging are well worth the cost. An important factor to consider is the quality of edging that you’re purchasing.

With the proliferation of cheap, low-quality landscape edging on the market, it’s important to choose landscape edging that is durable, warrantied, and long-lasting. Replacing edging every year or two will be more costly over time than choosing a high-quality product, such as Beuta Blocks.

Is landscape edging necessary?

Garden edging is not just for looks. A few factors for each homeowner to consider when deciding whether edging is necessary are:

  • Edging is a great way to reduce weed growth. Edging prevents turfgrass from invading garden beds and other areas.

  • Edging is perfect for holding back runoff in places where you typically have water carrying mulch into your grass.

  • A solid edge reduces string-trimming time, allowing weed trimmers right up against the edging, without destruction or mess.

Which landscape edging is best?

The main edging types are traditional stone or brick edging, "invisible" or minimal plastic edging, or molded plastic edging. Factors to consider when comparing different types of edging are: the installation process, functionality, appearance, and durability.

  • Traditional stone or brick edging requires many hours of hard work — trenching, laying a base, and setting the stones — or paying thousands of dollars to have a landscaper install it.

  • Invisible-style edging does not provide an attractive, well-defined edge. It also may not hold back runoff as well.

  • Many of the cheaper plastic types of edging break down easily within a few years, or when trimming edges with a weed wacker.

Why Beuta's The Best

Beuta’s high-quality molded plastic edging surpasses other types in the following areas:

Easy Installation

Quick and easy installation. Beuta edging is lightweight and flexible, so there is no digging or heavy lifting required.

Realistic Faux Stone

Beuta’s beautiful, natural-looking stone appearance effortlessly matches any aesthetic.

Strong & Durable

Extremely durable and long-lasting, Beuta edging withstands harsh weather and weed trimming.

Does garden edging work?

The efficacy of garden edging depends on the style of edging you choose.

That said, generally speaking, garden edging absolutely does work to contain dirt or mulch, simplify maintenance, and beautify your landscaping.

Before beginning your project, make sure to clearly define what you want to accomplish with garden edging. Then, choose the style of edging that works best for your needs.

Will landscape edging divert water?

Landscape edging could potentially divert water, or keep it contained in areas that need it.

This depends on the type of edging, depth of installation, and environmental conditions.

 If you’re worried about the mulch and sediment that runoff water carries, most landscape edging acts as a barrier to slow down water and filter out most sediment before escaping.