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Proud to be USA Made

Here at Beuta we take great pride in being 100% USA-made. The whole process is done here in Strasburg, PA from start to finish! We stand by our products 100% because we are the ones who make, inspect, and ship everyone.

The Worlds Fastest Tree Ring!

Beuta not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your garden and outdoor spaces but also makes landscaping tasks a breeze!

Short Welcome to Beuta

Your outdoor living space is for making unforgettable memories. With our easy-install edging solutions, we're just happy to help 'set the stage' before all the fun begins.

Beuta Blocks-Project Flexibility

In this project, we are demonstrating how easy it is to create a circle with 3, 6-block sections of our Beuta Blocks. We get many questions about the flexibility of our product, as this video demonstrates, to make our smallest circle, you will need three (3) sections.

Backyard Makeover - Function Blocks with Josh-Wanna-B-Amish

Josh-Wanna-B-Amish does a backyard transformation showing us how to use function blocks and take a backyard to the next level!

Function Blocks - What are they and how do they work?

Function Blocks are one of the many features that set Beuta apart from the competition. Function Blocks allow for more options and shapes when working on your edging projects. These open up the door for 90-degree turns, zig-zags, and much much more! Get yours today on the Beuta website below.

Planting a Tree - With Josh-Wanna-B-Amish

Come plant a tree with Josh-Wanna-B-Amish! He takes you through the whole planting process and finishes it off with some beautiful Beuta edging! 

Beuta Edging is a great way to make any landscaping project stand out.

Fire Pit Makeover With Josh-Wanna-B-Amish - Sarasota, FL

Josh-Wanna-B-Amish travels to Florida to take you through a major yet quick transformation and gives it the final touch with Beuta Greystone Blocks!

Lightweight Edging Solution: Easy Installation, Durable Results

Say goodbye to the hassle of heavy and time-consuming garden edging projects. At Beuta, we understand the importance of a beautiful garden, but also the need for convenience and efficiency.

Transform Your Garden in Minutes: A Quick and Easy Makeover Guide

Join Josh-Wanna-Be-Amish as he transforms a dull Florida garden into a stunning oasis. Watch as he adds his signature "Beuta touch" and brings new life to this outdoor space. Don't miss out on another exciting and fast-paced makeover!

Transform Your Yard with Quick Connection Landscape Edging

Get rid of the tedious and time-consuming task of lawn edging with Beuta. Our innovative product offers a seamless connection process, making edging day faster and more enjoyable. Spend less time working and more time unwinding in your backyard paradise with Beuta.

How to Buy Landscape Edging

Buying landscape edging can be a daunting task, but Beuta is here to make it easy and hassle-free. Join Josh as he guides you through our seamless buying process in this video. With his expertise, you'll find the perfect landscape edging for your project. Don't let fear hold you back; let Beuta simplify the process for you.

Easy DIY - No Dig Brick Edging

Watch as Josh effortlessly installs 28ft of Beuta Brick in our installation video. Get step-by-step instructions, tips, and tricks to enhance your outdoor space with our 2.25" profile brick. Perfect for any project, whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional landscaper.