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How long does the product last?
BEUTA blocks last well over 15 years. Due to the unique roto-molded construction and polyresin material used in its construction,
our product is slightly thicker in the corners, which adds support. 

Who is TrueForm Plastics?
In July of 2022, Beuta, which used to be called TrueForm Plastics, changed it's name to Beuta, LLC.
What is Flex-Wall?
Flex-Wall was the name of the first generation of our product. We changed the name of our product to Beuta Blocks.
The colors are the same, but the connection process has been improved and simplified. 

What Makes Beuta so Rugged?
We wanted something very durable and heavy-duty. Quality is very important to us and from day one,
we needed our product to hold up to the abuse of weather (freeze/thaw), lawn mowers, weed whackers, etc.
(our thickness is a benefit and result of our manufacturing method of roto-molding).

What are the exact dimensions of your shipping boxes?
Boxes shipping just 1 6-Block Section - Boxes are 47" long, 6.75" h x 4.25" w.

What are the exact dimensions of the 6-Block Sections & Single Blocks?

This answer has a two-part answer:
- Not connected to another Section: Each 6-Block Section is 46.875 in long x 6.5 in. high  x 4 in. wide

When connected it is .5" shorter, total length is 46.375".

The Functional Blocks are all the same size except for the End Block (it does not have an extruded connection.
Start Blocks - 7.875"x 6.5"x 4"
End Blocks - 7.5"x 6.5"x 4"
Extender Blocks - 7.875"x 6.5"x 4"
Right-Turn Blocks - 7.875x 6.5"x 4"
Left-Turn Blocks - 7.875"x 6.5"x 4"

How much does each 6 Block (4ft) section weigh?
Each 6-Block section (approx. 4ft), including the Landscape Spikes, weighs approximately 6 pounds.

What are the colors?
The current colors of the BEUTA Blocks are:
Sandstone, Greystone, and Cobblestone.

Who do you ship with?
Usually, we ship most orders with UPS or FedEx. Larger orders are quoted and shipped however is most economical for the customer.

When does my order ship?
We Pick, Pack, and Ship orders on the same day when the order is received by 2:00 pm EST.
If we receive the order after 2:00 pm, it will be shipped the following day.
The average shipping time is 2-5 business days after we hand off to our shipping partner.

Are you closed on weekends?
Yes, we are closed on weekends.
However, we are open every weekday 9-5 pm (EST.)
Call anytime between these hours to reach support, (717) 288-2637.

What is a Start Block and an End Block?
A Start Block is used to conceal and end of a 6-Block Section. They are used when you are not connecting
to create a circle or rectangle (we refer that as "a line"). An End Block is used at the end of your 6-Block Section. 
Like the Start Block, to conceal the connector and give your project a professional look.

Do I need a Start block and an End block? Why?
Yes, if you are making shapes that do not connect. This is because a Start Block and an End Block conceal the open end
of the shape when they do not connect. 

Where can I buy it? What are they?
Our product can be purchased on Amazon, on our website, as well as through other partners online.

Is there any warranty?
We want you to be happy with our product. However, if you feel there was a manufacturing defect of any kind,
please contact us with an exact explanation of your product problem. 

How much curb appeal will your product add?
Our product helps to make the home, your paradise, more organized. The look of stone, in our opinion, adds a distinct
and added value. As for 'realized' value we add, that answer/question is up to you! 

What is it made of? 
Recycled Poly Resin.
It is a proprietary formula of a Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE). It is a custom formula made specifically for Beuta. 

Is it safe for pets?
Yes, it is safe for pets. 

How do I determine how much product I need?
You are more than happy to call us for help. As our website grows, we will be adding helpful solution images
with actual product needs. This is not yet ready, but we're working on it.

How do I use Landscape Spikes?
The Landscaping Spikes (there are two) go in the pre-drilled holes between the first two blocks and the last two blocks.
See instructions printed on the box used to ship the product to you.

Does it stop runoff? 
Yes, this product can stop mild runoff. Water will still flow through the gaps between the blocks.

                              Make Edging Easy With Beuta!

                              Lightweight Sections

                              Transform your weekend from back-breaking labor to a single day's accomplishment with Beuta Edging. Save yourself the strain and revel in your DIY prowess as you achieve a polished, expertly crafted landscape with this innovative solution.

                              Quick Connection System

                              Leave your neighbors awestruck with the incredibly lifelike aesthetics of Beuta Edging! Crafted from authentic stone, our blocks and bricks come in three stunning, true-to-life colors, effortlessly harmonizing with your outdoor environment for a flawless integration.


                              Unleash boundless creativity with the unparalleled versatility of Beuta Edging's distinctive design! From petite tree rings to expansive fire pit areas or meandering flower beds, Beuta Edging effortlessly accommodates your outdoor vision. Embrace endless possibilities for customization and let your imagination soar with this remarkably adaptable solution. With Beuta Edging, there are no limits to what you can achieve!