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One 6.5" High, 6-Block Section of Edging, w/ 2 Landscape Spikes


Short Description

6-Block Section, Each section is just under 48in. length. Our lightweight stone compound material looks natural like real stone but is flexible to bend, lightweight to carry and connects to other Beuta landscape edging sections for larger jobs. Commonly installed around the house, around trees, swing sets, along gardens, walkways and driveways. Easily organize, beautify and enhance your outdoor environment. Secure by hammering the two supplied Landscape Spikes.

TIP: Place spike in the top hole and thru the bottom hole before hammering. If you don't align the spike, it may not be easy to hammer into place.


Item Length (inches): 46.875"

Item Height (inches): 6.5"

Item Width (inches): 4"


• Each section has 6 connected blocks making it nearly 4 ft
   long, 3.75 in (ave. width),  and 6.5 in. tall
• Strong, durable, lightweight stone compound material that holds
   its integrity thru the wear and tear of all seasons

• Easy installation uses our patent-pending connection system
• Proud to be designed and made in the USA 
• Commonly used for tree rings, gardens, yards, swing sets,
   playgrounds, flowerbeds and more
• Organize to create an enhanced outdoor environment
• Hammer spikes to secure into ground TIP: we recommend gloves


Long Description

Beuta™ Landscape Edging Blocks are premium

 roto-molded border stones that are strong, durable and versatile allowing for a quick and easy install you can do yourself. Our patent-pending 'slide-on, slide-off' connection system offers endless border shape options. Easiest Installation Process
Beuta Blocks are unique DIY-friendly landscape edging blocks designed with a unique connection process allowing for endless creative edging projects. Our easy-to-use, ‘slide-on/slide-off’ connection system allows anyone to install. You need only one tool, – a hammer.
Stone-like appearance like Mother Nature
The natural stone appearance of Beuta gets its natural finish from our proprietary resin formula and our hand-crafted dies, used during the roto-molding process. This accommodates for the stone surface finish increasing the fine details and textures to enhance the final product.
High Strength
Due to the process of roto-molding, there is a reduced risk of failure in high stress-concentration points on the curvature of a Beuta Block. Thus, this ensures a long-lasting product that maintains its integrity through the wear and tear of the daily yard and garden life for years.
The distinctive design and construction of each Beuta Block and Beuta Block Sections provides versatility and flexibility to ensure that it can complement any landscape or garden layout. To create circles: use our 6-Block sections, connect to each other, blend and connect. NOTE: our smallest circle is three (6-blocks sections) and creates a 4ft circle.
Beuta Block is strong, bendable, and gives a look and feel of natural stone, but it also is rust, fade, and corrosion-resistant, meaning the product will maintain a long lifespan. All Beuta Blocks are backed by a 1 year warranty. Please contact us if you have any questions.