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4 Creative Ways To Transform Your Landscape with Beuta Block edging

4 Creative Ways To Transform Your Landscape with Beuta Block Edging

Grey landscape edging in a backyard

Getting Started

The first step to achieving any new project is to start small. With the new year in sight, many people will be starting new hobbies, giving their best attention to setting new goals for the year. 

The problem with starting a new goal is that people aim for a big change, like jumping into the deep end instead of working their way from the shallow end. 

Habits rarely stick, and little growth occurs because the goal was not started small. 

If you’re new to DIY, or landscaping projects, just getting started can feel daunting. 

It’s easy to save inspiration with Pinboards on Pinterest or create a collage of ideal inspirations. 

The popular book, Atomic Habits explains this concept, how it’s not always about the inspiration or the motivation. 

Rather, it’s getting started. 

Get Inspired 

But, before we help you get there, let’s, one more time GET INSPIRED. 

If you don’t know already, Beuta, an Amish-owned landscaping company creates innovative bricks and blocks for any yard.  We’re known for making Faux Stone Landscape Edging that looks better than traditional masonry. 

Located in Lancaster PA, they make easy landscaping inclusive. Whether you’re new to landscaping or have been gardening for years. And whether you are agile and youthful, or elderly with some physical limitations, these products are user-friendly. 

Their poly-resin materials make them lightweight for customers to install, and they create an added safety layer when installed around children. They are simple to use and long-lasting. What’s not to love? 

With the new year in sight, it’s time to tackle that to-do list. Make those Pinterest boards come to life, and create beauty around you. 

So what are your options?

Beuta products are normally used for lining pathways, edging around driveways, surrounding garden beds, and mulching in playgrounds or campfires. 

But the options don’t stop there.

Depending on your yard or specific styles, Beuta’s unique flexible qualities allow for more creatively shaped projects that make your area look intentional and lovely. 

You can start small by making a statement and adding artistic flair to your home and properties. 


Take your mailbox for example. Encircling it with a nice sandstone brick could allow you to plant some flowers, giving the mailbox that old-world charm. Going to your mailbox in the morning will feel extra special as you walk past the encircled bricks. 


Now think about a lamppost. Maybe a bench for a thoughtful moment. A circle of safety, or a place to read a book. 

This then brings us to the possibility of trees, encircling them with flowers underneath or festive decor to match the holidays you choose to celebrate. By adding landscape edging blocks around your trees, it can give your yard a polished appearance, with minimal effort. 

Landscape edging around a lamppost


Or perhaps, a secret garden oasis with an arched trellis. It would double for a perfect romantic moment, an engagement spot, or a family photo opportunity. With our blocks for garden edging, you can create a soft statement in your backyard. 

Trellis surrounded by faux stone landscape edging

Bird Feeder 

To add, think about a lovely bird feeder for your bird-watching moments. Put those birds front and center, and watch carefully for that American Goldfinch or Northern Cardinal. And if you’re lucky, a hummingbird! Enjoy your morning coffee or window views with some faux edging stones along your bird feeder. 

While the opportunities may feel endless, you don’t need to install or even plant to get started. 

And in case you also weren’t aware, the blocks are a no-dig project. They perform for you, without you needing to accidentally throw out your back or add pain to your knees. 

Unless you’re feeling inspired to add some additional items to your yard like a bird feeder or lampost, you can use what you have, start small, and create a beautiful outcome on your hard work. Give intentional beauty without the fuss or long hours, and especially a professional to do the work for you. 

Who is Beuta?

Beuta is more than just a landscaping company, they are a community-loving resource, to help you kickstart your landscaping ambitions and assure you can do it, anyway, to make it yours. Make it your Beuta. 

So, if you’re looking to enhance your yard, by starting small, we are ready to help! You can get creative like encircling some windmills, or keep it simple by encircling your already planted trees. 

Transform your Backyard 

Whatever you choose, installing Beuta blocks as a way to give some flair and order to your home will be a decision you won’t regret!

You can head over to our website at Beuta which offers a more detailed line of products as well as prices. 

Feel free to contact us directly by phone at 717-288-2637 or message us with any inquiries. 

You can learn alongside us through these simple DIY tutorial videos here on Youtube

You can also follow us on Instagram and TikTok

Save some of our pins on Pinterest as you brainstorm inspiration for your backyard.