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Homeowner gets a Landscaping Makeover

Homeowner gets a Landscaping Makeover

Landscape Edging Blocks in front of house


It’s amazing how a small change, or a light enhancement, can create a night and day difference. A transformation, without being too dramatic. 

Florida is a wonderful place to let year-round plants coexist in your front yard. You don’t need to go deep in the jungle to experience tranquility. This Florida-based home, brought the essence of the jungle, right to their very own property. 

But like any jungle, the steep mountains and plants can bring a sense of unease and danger—a need to tame the wildlife. A yard, even with deftly planted bushes and flowers can quickly give that untamed appearance without some order. 

Thankfully, this home knew who to contact, and Beuta was able to bring them that small change for an incredible difference. Taming all of their beautiful plants, keeping the tropical wonder. 

All About Beuta

In case you were wondering, we are Beuta, an Amish-owned family business. Located in Lancaster PA. All of our products are manufactured here with the incredible use of roto-moto technology, allowing the products to be flexible for any of your creative purposes. 

So, if you wish to encircle your tree, or line your garden bed or driveways, these blocks are your answer. The great thing about them is that once you’ve linked them together, you can create any shape you need for that faux edging stone appearance! 

Landscape Edging is our Specialty 

We specialize in creating beautiful landscaping, with a heart for inclusive installation and inexpensive processes. We equip you with easy tools, so long as you have just one tool on hand…a hammer!

We work to make you feel empowered to DIY your properties for transformative results.

What We Offer

Our products range from Beuta bricks, Beuta blocks, Beuta XL, planters, and more!

When purchasing from Beuta, you can expect fast and free shopping as well as a lifetime warranty guaranteed. 

We do this because we believe in the integrity of our products, and believe them to hold up, regardless of your climate, the time that goes by, or wear and tear with landscaping upkeep.

Check out this video of how our blocks do when using a weed wacker. 

You might be wondering then, how these blocks will hold up with year-round fully exposed sun.

Well, rest assured because these poly-resin-made blocks were created to last under heat, and will not fade or lose its brilliance. These products are not just about looks, but long-lasting quality, making your investment worth it.


This home, even with all the green from the plants, needed something to tame the jungle-esque appearance and give it a tropical oasis look. 

The family chose a lovely sandstone, which camouflaged nicely with the home's earth tones as well as the plants. 

When choosing colors, you can go bold with our charcoal color, or go soft with a color like the one used here. Our full list of colors are Cobblestone, Greystone, Sandstone, Limewash, and Charcoal. 

The great thing about each color is they all have a naturalistic tone to them, making them similar to traditional masonry, giving that faux stone edging appearance.

Here is the before picture, without the edging. You can see how the yard feels incomplete, and lacking some organization. 


This house just went from nice but incomplete, to elegant and cohesive. 

You can see how well the colors blend in, allowing the plants to stand out.

As you can see, these are what we call, Beuta blocks, which are more of a profile block. They give your lined areas a nice raised profile appearance, which is a great and affordable option rather than relying on the traditional masonry of stacking blocks to achieve height.

 Since they chose the blocks, they pair well with the tall plants and balance out all of the varying heights. 

Why Choose Beuta

We know that the cost of landscaping can quickly add up, especially when you have to pay a professional. And while they can do great work, there are some tasks that you can also achieve on your own. 

With a little guidance from our tutorial videos and anchoring spikes that come with every order, you can easily create easy edging on your properties to enhance your yard and brighten your day. 

They are also lightweight, making installation a breeze!

How To Transform Your Yard 

You can head over to our website at Beuta which offers a more detailed line of products as well as prices. Feel free to contact us directly by phone at 717-288-2637 or message us with any inquiries. 

You can learn alongside us through these simple DIY tutorial videos here on Youtube

You can also follow us on Instagram and TikTok

Save some of our pins on Pinterest as you brainstorm inspiration for your backyard.