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Easy Landscape & Garden Edging

Easy Landscape & Garden Edging


Do you ever find yourself in a nice neighborhood, admiring the impeccable gardens? Strolling, you think to yourself, if only I had the time, a green thumb, or the money to pay someone to make my own yard look like an oasis. 

Maybe, you have all of those things like a love for gardening and time, but it may require some heavy lifting and that may pose a challenge. 

But, what you don’t know, yet… is that those gardens, similar to the ones you were admiring, can be yours too! 

That is the effortlessness, the nice clean edges, the gorgeous and vibrant rows of colors all situated on your own property. A landscape you can finally take pride in. And one, that you can really do yourself! 





In fact that’s exactly why Beuta--an Amish owned family business, nestled in Lancaster county, PA became what it is today. Founder and CEO Merv King, brings his Amish culture and a plethora of incredible qualities to the company. Beuta’s roots begin with the Amish way of life, infused with diligence, compassion, love for family and community, and most importantly, a passion for hard work. 

With great creativity and innovation, our team manufactured supreme products that are long lasting, weather resistant and durable for any landscape project you have in mind. 

We use our very own lightweight bricks and lightweight  blocks to enhance and showcase all of your garden dreams while protecting your back and knees with lightweight edging

At Beuta we designed our landscape edging to be flexible and durable, allowing for the option of creative freedom. They are also food-grade safe making it safe for edible gardens or young ones playing nearby. 

This home chose their garden beds to be lined in the charcoal colored block as it compliments the mulch and farmhouse style.




We pride ourselves in the integrity of our zero waste product,  and satisfying our customers' needs. Unlike other stones, our Beuta products of blocks for landscape edging come in an array of colors, catering it to match your vision. 

Our unique faux edging stones are made from poly-resin materials. This is a direct result from utilizing roto-molded construction. Furthermore, it’s the secret to what makes them so easy to install. You can install your Beuta products without the hassle of hauling heavy stones or needing several tools. 

After all, we’re talking about professional products without the need for a landscaping pro to install them for you. Our revolutionary edging blocks were made for everyone–no heavy lifting or digging required! 




It looks like stone, but it’s light enough for a child to hold it. A beautiful alternative to natural stone. You will be happy to hear that all of our lifelike faux stone edging are available in three distinct sizes: , Block (6.5in), and Brick (2.25in) and  BLOCK XL (9.5in). (For more details on sizing, and other products, check out our Beuta website here!)

All of our landscape edging come in your pick of a color such as Greystone, Limestone, Cobblestone, Charcoal, and Sandstone. While the colors vary, all of them give a natural earth tone finish to each project. 




Like any DIY project, trying out a new project can feel exciting while also daunting. We simplified those steps, giving you everything you need to get started with less pressure. 

As long as you have a hammer handy, our blocks come with anchoring spikes making for simple installation.  

So head out to your yard and try to envision exactly what you want. Whether it’s blocks for garden edging or brick edging to line your landscape, the choice is yours. You can then browse our website here to view our products.  Once there, pick your brick or block, then your color. Once you’ve made your selections, you’ll walk through these 3 simple steps;

First step: Measurements! Measure your length and area, keeping in mind corners or curves. 

Second step: Make your calculations. Once you have your total linear feet, you will divide that number by 4 feet. This will be the total length of a Beuta section. 

Third Step:  Place your order on our site at 

The added bonus? You can expect fast and free shipping with a 30-day money-back guarantee. (Watch this video for more details).



Thankfully, Beuta is here to give you affordable blocks for landscape edging that fit your preference and aesthetic. We want to give you luxury at the tip of your fingers, at an affordable price. Say goodbye to paying a professional to do the hard work for you and say hello to landscape bricks that were made with you in mind. 

We know life can be hectic, and sometimes our yards or properties can go amiss. It’s hard to see everyone’s yards look impeccably beautiful and wonder how to do the same. 

That’s why we are here to make the process of beautifying your landscape hassle-free, without the heavy lifting. And most importantly to make it look exactly your way. Your Beuta. 




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You can also browse our website, which offers a more detailed line of products.

Feel free to contact us directly by phone at 717-288-2637 or send us a message with any inquiries.