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Beuta - Attractive, Long Lasting Beauty


Endless Possibilities


Beuta YouTube Channel

Night photo of smiling children watching a ground fireworks from the swing set.
Beuta - Attractive, Long Lasting Beauty

Creative Solutions

Endless Fun & Possibilities

Boy just slid down the slide into the mulch that has a Flex-wall border keeping everything organized and separated from the grass yard.
Beuta - Attractive, Long Lasting Beauty

Contain the Fun

Keep Mulch with Mulch & Grass with Grass

Beuta - Attractive, Long Lasting Beauty

Shape & Organize in your Backyard

Always Functional

Strasburg, PA

100% USA Made

Beuta - Attractive, Long Lasting Beauty

Our Beuta Story

You work hard. What you have, it’s yours. It’s your paradise.
And, when it’s time to choose the projects that help you create your happy place,
you deserve something above the ordinary, something you can install yourself.
Welcome to BEUTA.

Beuta, LLC, is a quality driven, roto-molding manufacturer and branding company
that adds innovative thinking designed into every Beuta product we offer.


“Absolutely impressed with the high quality of the edging. It will easily hold up to lawn equipment abuse and install was insanely easy.”
“Excellent Quality and Style. Looks and feels like real Belgium Block.”
“What a great product!! It looks real, easy to use, light yet durable and flexible! I have two but will certainly be buying more!”
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We welcome scheduled pick-ups and acknowledged visits or plant tours. Although we would like to offer this on a daily basis, we found it much more effective for all visits to be acknowledged.