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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Before making a life-enhancing purchase that will completely transform your yard, we are usually met with some hesitations. We want to know that our investments will last, are trustworthy, and are worth the effort. 

At Beuta, we take care to make sure that all of your investments are worth it. 

We wanted to remove the need for expensive landscapers and create a product that was easy for anyone to install, so long as they had just one tool hammer. 

Located in Lancaster, PA, our Amish-owned business created poly-resin faux stone blocks for all of your landscaping aspirations. Thanks to the unique properties of flexibility, durability, and lightweightness, they are easy to install, easy to bend or shape, and easy to carry. 

But, we know that you might still have some questions… 

So, if you’re still hesitant, here’s a list of frequently asked questions that we have already answered for you! We took a lot of the information already from our website and broke it down.


How much does Beuta blocks cost?

A single section retails at $39.99, and a four-pack retails at $159.96.

When purchasing Beuta blocks, they come in sections rather than individual blocks like traditional masonry. This makes for easy installation, and speeds up the process! These work well if you want a high-profile look to your blocks, to encircle a tree or mulch in a garden bed. 

What about Beuta bricks?

If you have a smaller project or want to buy a smaller-scale brick edging for those hard-to-reach or awkward places, Beuta bricks can help you with just that. These are ideal for garden beds, lining pathways, or driveways. 

Beuta bricks single section retails at $21, and a six-pack retails at $126.

We believe in transparency and know that sharing these prices can give you an upfront understanding of how much you will be investing while saving extravagant amounts when using other alternatives.  


How long do Beuta products last?

Now that you know how much our landscape edging blocks can cost, we want to ensure that this should be a one-time payment…unless of course, you decide to create more projects!

Beuta products last well over 15 years due to the unique, roto-molded construction and poly-resin material used in its construction. That means less of a chance of fading or breaking. 

How do Beuta blocks/bricks hold up against a weed whacker?


 You will be happy to hear that our blocks are extremely durable. They can withstand regular edge trimming without any damage or scratches from the weed whacker! 


Can Beuta blocks be stacked?

We do not encourage stacking, however, check out our 10” tall Beuta Block XLs!

What if I want to make a square or rectangular shape with the blocks? Do you have 90-degree adapters? 

We do! We offer both left and right-turn blocks that make it easy to create these shapes and fit your landscaping needs. 

We don’t want to put you in a box, unless of course, you choose to make a square-shaped garden bed! 

The great part about their flexibility is that you can create any shape, and work with nature’s turns and bumps, rather than working against it. 


 What if I get sent a defective product?

Beuta is happy to replace any defective products due to manufacturing issues. Contact us directly and we will be happy to assist you! Receiving a defective product will never be your fault, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 

What is your return policy?

We believe our faux edging stones can enhance your properties, and that you are most likely to be happy with the results. With the chance that you are not, and due to our integrity values, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked.


How long is one section of blocks or bricks?

Both the blocks and bricks sections measure a total length of 4 feet. These are similar to a traditional cement stone look, only lightweight, and easy on the eyes!

It’s important to make your measurements ahead of time, to determine how many section blocks or bricks you will need. We also can help you with that process! 

How tall are the blocks?

Each block stands at a height of 6.5 inches tall. This is a high-profile look so if you were hoping to get some height, without stacking your blocks, these are your answers. 

How tall are the bricks?

Each brick stands at a height of 2.5 inches tall. These look nice if you simply want to line a pathway, without drawing too much attention to it. 


How do I know how much to order?

Start by measuring the entire landscaping area where you are installing Beuta blocks. Take note of any curves or corners that may require function blocks. Once you have the total number of linear feet, divide that number by 4 feet, which is the total length of one section of blocks and bricks. That number is the amount of sections you will need to cover your space!


What exactly are Beuta products made out of? 

As mentioned earlier, they are made from a poly-resin material. More specifically, they are made of low-density polyethylene (LDPE), or polyresin, with a percentage of recycled material in each block/brick.

How much-recycled material is in each block exactly?

Here at Beuta, sustainability is one of our values. That’s why it should come as no surprise how our products reflect just that. 

Depending on the color, each block is made up of about 25% recycled materials, and our charcoal color contains up to 30% recycled material!


What is the purpose of Start Blocks and End Blocks?

The purpose of Start and End Function Blocks are used when you are not connecting your sections to create a circle or rectangle and instead are simply installing a line of sections connected. They conceal the connector and give your project a finished, professional look.


What colors do the blocks and bricks come in?

Traditional masonry sometimes requires another lengthy step of painting or staining your bricks to match your preference. We made it so that you can choose ahead of time, what color suits the environment best, based on your preference and style. 

Thankfully, we currently offer 5 different natural stone-inspired colors: Greystone, Cobblestone, Sandstone, Charcoal and Limewash. We are always looking to add more colorways to our lineup!


Do I need to purchase the landscaping spikes separately or are they included? 

Each section of Blocks comes with two landscaping spikes included, and each Brick section comes with three landscaping spikes included! If you have not received the included amount of spikes with your order, please let us know and we would be happy to send you replacement spikes!

How do I use the landscaping spikes?

The landscaping spikes go in the pre-drilled holes between the first two blocks and the last two blocks. There are directions printed on the box that the product is shipped in, so be sure to take a look at them before beginning installation.

What are your office hours?

We are open every weekday 9-5 pm EST, and closed on the weekends. Call anytime between these hours to reach us!

How can I get in contact with Customer Service?

You can give us a call at (717) 288-2637, or shoot us a message on our website under the “Contact” tab!

Still need more information? Check out our FAQ online, with more detailed questions and answers, as well as an opportunity to browse our website and get inspired! 

You can head over to our website at Beuta which offers a more detailed line of products and prices. Feel free to contact us directly at 717-288-2637 or message us with any inquiries. 

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