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The Professional Landscaper's Choice For Garden Edging

The Professional Landscaper's Choice For Garden Edging

woman landscaper kneeling in front of landscape edging in garden Meet Jennifer, A Professional Landscaper

“The reason why I wanted to try it is: 

  1. It's lightweight. 
  2. It’s super flexible so if you guys know my landscaping, I love to create those curves. 
  3. It’s just a fantastic American-made product.”

These words were shared by a local from Sarasota, Florida, Jennifer who happens to not only have a love for landscaping but is also a professional landscaper.

We are Beuta, an Amish-owned faux stone edging company, that specializes in creating innovative blocks for all of your landscaping needs.

 Our blocks were created to enhance and shape your yards. You can line driveways, place edging along garden beds, define your walkways, encircle trees, and more! 

It’s no secret why we made these products, such as solving landscape problems or removing the need for a landscaper.  You’ll find that you’re able to carry them from place to place without straining your back and be happy knowing that you’re cutting down on prices. 

And honestly, we don’t mean to give the professionals a hard time. 

We want to make these products accessible, for any person, without needing to hire a professional landscaper. But the ironic twist is that Beuta has quickly become the landscaper's choice as a preferred method for installing landscape edging. 

But, we have to say that it’s even better, and a double win when the professionals choose our product too! Take, for example, Jennifer, the real-life professional landscaper, based in Florida. She gave us those three reasons why she’d choose Beuta over and over again. 

She also gave us the honor of letting us come to her home to explore some jaw-dropping yardwork; one that truly makes you feel calm and at peace the moment you step foot in it. Like a secret garden re-imagined. 

woman landscaper watering plants in garden with landscape edging

Why She Chose Beuta

Her talent and passion for nature shine through as you walk into the magic of the oasis she created. We were impressed to see all of the colors of green everywhere we looked. Especially since Florida at that time was experiencing a mild drought.

And so, while we were there, nothing could be heard except the trickling of water from her self-made ponds, the gentle breeze that swished the greens of the leaves, and the songs of birds chirping.  

We wanted to know why she would choose our product over traditional masonry, or even other products.

As a professional, she most likely knows the best alternatives, but after giving our product a go from CEO and owner, Merv King, she was greatly impressed and happy with the results. 

When asked why she loves Beuta, she loves how lightweight and easy they are to install.  The lightweight aspect makes them easier during the installation process when moving them from place to place. 

Thanks to our blocks for landscape edging, she could easily do projects solo, rather than needing several helpers, something that most landscapers need, when working with traditional masonry. 

There’s always a concern about the durability of our products, especially when a weed wacker or mowing services clear up the yards. 

This was also a concern for Jenifer, but “I’m telling you” she says, “it has been nicked and hammered and it looks fantastic”. She further stresses, “It's really, really held up, super, super well." 

landscaper woman watering plants in her garden with landscape edging

The Perfect Addition

We could see that the product did not in any way take away from the natural beauty of her yard. It simply sharpened and gracefully arrayed all of it, as a last finishing touch.

With her love for creating curves, and keeping nature's natural sweeps and turns, the product worked perfectly to accomplish that task. Despite her expertise, she emphasizes the ease and accessibility of the product. 

Since she not only cares about her yard and the integrity of what’s being used, she wanted a product that could easily work on other properties. There’s nothing better than a landscaper using products they believe in, for people's yards, but their very own too! 

She leaves us with this statement, “I am absolutely in love with and I plan on using it on my future projects.“

Beuta blocks are for people who don’t want to hire a landscaper but if they are a landscaper then this is the perfect choice for something lightweight.

It’s the landscaper’s choice for preferred landscape edging! 

From the experts to the novices, our blocks were made for you. Easy to install, for any DIY project, but also, for your convenience!

lanscaper in garden

How To Connect With Beuta

Check out the full tour of her backyard here, and let her tell you in more of her own words, why she loves our faux edging stones. 

You can head over to our website at Beuta which offers a more detailed line of products as well as prices. Feel free to contact us directly by phone at 717-288-2637 or message us with any inquiries. 

You can learn alongside us through these simple DIY tutorial videos here on Youtube

You can also follow us on Instagram and TikTok

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