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How This Desert Gardener Used Beuta to Transform His Backyard (Video Review)

How this Desert Gardener Used Beuta to Transform His Backyard (Video Review)


Let’s explore how one man made the impossible possible; creating life in a desert! 

Growing vegetables, plants, and flowers requires a few ingredients such as love, rain, and sun…but the last place you’d imagine anything to grow would be a desert. Especially when thinking about an ideal climate. 

If you think about it, I'm sure lots of other places and soil-rich destinations come to mind before a desert. 

Meet Sam, a resident of what’s known as a high desert zone. These areas can have unpredictable weather and an arid environment. 

As one of his hobbies, Sam has an affinity for gardening. However, his location is more than ideal for growing anything. Rock-hard soil that has the consistency of red clay sounds like a recipe for disaster for someone who is a garden enthusiast. It also sounds like the least likely place for life to co-exist. 

And yet, with some perseverance, and trial and error, Sam finds a way to create life in spite of the odds.  

Sam’s Process

Sam needed, in his words, a “glow up” for his garden space, particularly around a garden bed.  He shares his current use of a cheap option for edging, that looks like it’s already falling apart. Because of the dry season, the plants that were previously sunflowers have died. He cuts them out and shows us the current condition of his soil. 

Originally, there was rock-hard clay in the garden bed, from the natural soil that was present. But over time, Sam continued to add rich plant soil to build up the quality of the garden bed. 

With a handful of dirt, he showed us the new soft soil-rich texture that had taken over, perfect for some new planting. 

His theory is that the sunflowers that were planted helped to break up the soil and enrich the ground with further nutrients. 

While his next plant is still a mystery, bouncing between the idea of planting some more flowers or vegetables, Sam is sure of one thing: he needs some more sturdy and durable edging. 

About Beuta

Beuta is an Amish-owned landscaping company. Located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, this company creates easy-to-install landscaping materials for any DIY project. 

They use roto-molding construction to create flexible and durable faux stone edging. These poly-resin-made materials can have up to 30% recycled materials. These unique American-made products were designed to ensure that anyone can use and install them. 

They especially are not limited to one’s climate, which is why these appealed to Sam as well! 

Types of Blocks

As he shows us his Beuta blocks, Sam invested in the Sandstone colored Block XL, which is a great choice if he chooses a plant like the sunflowers again, and for a raised profile appearance. He also liked that the color blended in well with his garden and surrounding colors.

When considering what blocks might work best for you, it’s important to look at our various sizes and colors. 

First, our blocks can be ordered as bricks, which look similar to ones that are traditionally masonry. 

We also have the original block, which is larger than the bricks, but smaller than the XL. 

Our Block’s XL gives customers the appearance of a stacked look, without the work. You can head over to our website linked below for a list of more products!

Before and After

Now that Sam has his blocks, and has removed all of the dead plants, he installs his blocks by the easy slide-on, slide-off method. These blocks were designed to easily come together, which helped him finish his DIY project in just minutes. 

Happy with the results, Sam says, “I love how flexible this stuff is!”

And thanks to their unique flexibility properties, he was able to shape his edging into a unique garden bed shape, appearing like the letter “d”. 

And to secure the blocks, “all you need to anchor them in place is the landscaping pins and a hammer, and that’s it!” 

After cleaning up, he examines his work and concludes;” I think it looks stunning, I'm so happy with this project. 

Sam also explains how he can sit on the edging with ease, which would not be an option with his previous edging. 


So, if there is anything to take away it’s this: let nothing stop you from creating a beautiful garden. No matter the climate, or the weather.

No matter if you have a large property of rolling hills with rich soil, an urban apartment with a sunroof, or a small back porch. 

So long as you can create a garden bed, with Beuta to finish the job and line your garden, you can bring life to your home, and a smile to your face. 

If you want to watch his full process and check out his desert garden, click the link here.

We are so happy for Sam with his before and after, and hope you feel inspired as well! 

Other Information 

You can head over to our website at Beuta which offers a more detailed line of products and prices. Feel free to contact us directly by phone at 717-288-2637 or message us with any inquiries. 

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