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How To Make Sharp 90 Degree Turns With Landscape Edging

How To Make Sharp 90 Degree Turns With Landscape Edging


Beuta is the name of our company which sounds a lot like the beginning of the word, beautiful. And we happen to make beautiful faux stone edging to beautify your landscapes. 

With our simple approach, thanks to our unique poly-resin materials, you’ll be able to bend, shape, and style your blocks in any shape you like. 

Which is where the function blocks come in handy. 

We receive a lot of questions about our function blocks and wanted to share with you some short and simple explanations to help you better understand how to incorporate them into your DIY landscaping endeavors. 

Let’s get started!

What We Offer

When it comes to Beuta blocks, we offer a variety of solutions to allow you to create natural and sophisticated shapes with your landscape edging. To do that, you’ll need to select some of our function blocks. Watch this video to get a visual of how they work, or keep reading!

Features of the Left and Right Turn Block 

First, we offer what’s called, left and right turn blocks. Our team likes to refer to these blocks as creative companions, a key to creating those sharp turns for the shapes you desire. 

Circular Shapes

You would not need these for a circular and rounded shape since our blocks are flexible. They then allow you to create the shape you want, without having the purpose of a function block. 

Start and End Blocks 

These blocks are your go-to solution for when you want to finish off your project, almost like capping off your blocks. It hides the slide, and slide-off sections and has a smooth finished surface. You can add these to your vertically or horizontally shaped projects! 

It’s especially great if the space around is open, and you don’t want the surrounding area to feel awkward. These end blocks solve that problem! 

Extender Blocks

If you started a project and liked how it was going, but realized you didn’t measure properly or simply want to add to your blocks, these are your answers. They act as a bridge from one section to the next, extending your projects by approximately 7 and ½ inches. 

Various Color Options 

All of our function blocks as well as regular blocks come in a variety of naturalistic colors, to match that of your home and backyard aesthetic.

Take this picture of this home. The incorporation of the white bricks for easy landscape edging against the white home with the black framing works splendidly together. 

When choosing what type of project you’ll make, you will also be pleased with the variety of colors. Our colors include Greystone, Sandstone, Cobblestone, Charcoal, and Limewash. 


In case you don’t know, we offer three different sizes for our blocks. First, the brick which measures 2.25 inches tall looks just like a regular brick in size, only these are lightweight and easier to install. They also have smooth undulating curves that make them appear more natural. 

Our block is a little bigger than the brick measuring 6.5 inches tall and it is great for garden beds or playgrounds. 

Our Block XL works best if you want a stacked appearance without the stacking. These are a great option for backyard dividers, encircling plants or trees, or lining your home. And it boasts a height of 10 inches tall. The choice is yours! 


Different Shapes From Projects

You can see here how this home used the greystone blocks that were able to create that swerving shape to wrap around their home and gravel. The only function blocks they would have had to use are the start and end blocks where the blocks end.

At this same property, you can see that they used their section blocks in the greystone, with a start and end block to complete their semi-circles. They then chose the greystone for the bricks and made a small straight line with start and end blocks. 

At this cabin, they were able to create a nice squared-in campfire area, using sandstone bricks. To create those right turns, they used 4 right-turn function blocks to connect the squares in the direction that they were installed.

Why do I need function blocks?

As mentioned earlier, function blocks can give you that finished look, and help you create sharp turns for the shapes you want to create. You can still create shapes using traditional masonry or fencing around gardens. But these will not give you that sleek and smooth finish that you want. 

Even if you are simply making one long line horizontally or vertically, you will still want to use them to cap off your blocks so that you don’t have an exposed block. 

They are especially necessary if you want to create shapes. As simple as that. 


Beuta is the only landscape edging company that offers a sharp 90-degree turn to make hard turns for squares, as well as offering other function blocks. 

Nothing should limit your creativity, and let the blocks take you to exciting new places. 

Other Information 

You can head over to our website at Beuta which offers a more detailed line of products and prices. Feel free to contact us directly by phone at 717-288-2637 or message us with any inquiries. 

You can learn alongside us through these simple DIY tutorial videos here on Youtube

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