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How To Create A Tree Ring With Landscape Edging

How To Create A Tree Ring With Landscape Edging


When thinking about trees, and their idyllic nature on a property, a huge Oak tree with a wooden swing comes to mind. A place to rest, and relax and swing away the day.

But depending on your location, your home tree might look different. Maybe it’s not that shady ancestral tree but a tall and slender olive tree.
Perhaps you live in a warmer climate, so a Grand Oak won’t work, but a Bottle or Royal Palm will.

A perfectly planted tree can captivate a person’s view and enhance your yard tremendously.

One of the most popular ways that people love to polish their yard is by encircling trees with landscape edging by breaking up the big yard look. You can do this with a solitaire tree, or with several scattered trees.

Besides the looks, they can offer decor opportunities for any season you’re interested in. If you’re looking to beautify a space, but want to keep it more centered and focused, adding decor to an encircled tree can do just that for you.
It could be a dreamy pumpkin patch spot, for all your fall-themed photoshoots, or a Christmas extravaganza.

It could be an escape from the busy world like a place to simply read a book, sheltered by the trees' generous shade. It could be an opportunity to create a small garden space to draw more attention to your trees by filling the hedged tree ring with endless pink and red tulips.

Of course, you can create any shape you think is best for your style. That’s why Beuta, an Amish-owned family business from Lancaster PA, wants to encourage and equip you to make small DIY projects to create a dramatic difference. You can make it your way, or as we call it, your Beuta.


Introducing Beuta

Here at Beuta, we specialize in faux stone edging, giving you the option of a variety of colors to make your landscape look polished and refined. Our colors come in Cobblestone, Greystone, Sandstone, Limewash, and Charcoal. 

Typically, you can create a tree ring around your tree or trees, allowing you to plant or embellish your yards. This is made possible with the unique qualities of poly-resin materials, allowing you to bend, shape, and mold to your vision.

 So, whatever shapes you have in mind, you can create them using our Beuta blocks and bricks. 

Watch here how Anna, our lifestyle host at Beuta creates a stunning tree ring. She introduces us to the planting of a tree and finishes with Pinterest-worthy fall decor. The best part is that it was all done in one day, or better yet, just one long and fulfilling afternoon. 

And she completed it all on her own, using limited tools. 

Let’s walk through her process!


Anna selected a tree from a nearby Greenhouse in local Strasburg, Pa.


She begins by choosing her tree. As mentioned earlier, no matter the climate, you can do this with any tree that works best for your environment.

She finds the best place possible, making considerations for the area around her as well as for the tree ring.


Tools Used For The Landscaping Project

The right gardening tools such as quality gloves, and shovels makes all the difference in any landscaping project.

She gathers all her tools so that she is ready to start planting. She has her weed guard, shovel, rake, landscaping staples to secure it all, Beuta blocks, and, of course, a hammer.


What’s great about a project like this is that most of these tools you may already have, including your tree. Most times, you may just have to get the weed guard and staples if you are choosing to mulch in your area.



Types of blocks

For this project, Anna decided to use Limewash, which is a brilliant white shade.


She needs about 5 sections of the Beuta blocks, which are larger and more effective to use to keep mulch in. 5 sections cover about 20 feet for a circumference length. 

She then uses 5 limewash brick sections to complete the outer circle for a lovely layered look, which is optional and for your preference.

Finally, she uses 3 limewash extender bricks; the connectors for completing the outcircle circle and bringing it all together. 

The results feature a clean, crisp white pop of the limewash and easy landscape edging. 

In case you’re confused, there’s a difference between a Beuta brick and a Beuta block.

A Beuta block is a raised stone effect with a 6 and ½ profile, preferably used for mulching in an area.

A Beuta brick is like that of a faux-stone traditional brick. These can be used for lining driveways, walkways or low-raised garden beds. You can use whichever you prefer for your garden endeavors.



Planting The Tree


Now, when panting the tree, shovel in hand, Anna digs the hole deep enough and adds back the dirt. Then she rakes over the area to make it smooth and prepped for weed guard.

Next, the weed guard is laid down, stapled along the sides, and made ready for the blocks.




All our section blocks come with three anchoring spikes, allowing you to hammer them in. We recommend you shape them beforehand before using the hammer to anchor them in.


Then prep your ring sections like an easy circular puzzle.
Once the spikes are in, and shaped, she's able to quickly connect the pieces into a circle. She repeats this process for her next layer of bricks, using her extender blocks to tie it all together.


Afterward, it’s time for her to pour in the mulch, using the rake again to smooth over the surface.


Choosing a complimentary mulch color makes the tree and Beuta combo stand out.


Decorating The Tree For Every Season



Finally, the best part is here! Lancaster County is a great place for all things fall since we have it all here. From apple orchards to homemade pie dumplings, pumpkin patches, and Indian corn that is dried in barns for us to use, nothing is wanting.

It was a must to create a beautiful fall oasis in the circle haven. The beauty is brought together as Anna places a large stack of freshly golden hay, an array of pumpkins in all types of colors and sizes, and a charming milk crate for larger pumpkins to rest in. Small touches are bright mums, baby-sized pumpkins, and Indian corn.

We share this all with you to show you that you don’t need to pay a professional or create a large project to make beautiful and easy landscaping an option for your property. Beuta partners with you to create elegant and attainable edging possible.

And remember that no matter your climate, or type of plants in your yard, you can create a wow factor for the small plants or the big ones.

Like a picture frame securing a precious moment, Beuta blocks secure your landscaped gardens.



If you’re looking to create your easy tree rings today, head over to our website at Beuta which offers a more detailed line of products as well as prices. Feel free to contact us directly by phone at 717-288-2637 or message us with any inquiries. 

You can learn alongside us through these simple DIY tutorial videos here on Youtube

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