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How To Extend Your Landscaping Project (Secret Hack)

How To Extend Your Landscaping Project (Secret Hack) 

We have to admit that it’s nice when the measurements you make for your landscape projects are spot on. But sometimes, even with good measuring, you may change your mind a bit or just need a few more inches. 

That’s where we came up with the wonderful idea of a sidekick known as extender blocks

They are similar in functionality to start and end blocks, in that they serve one purpose based on their name. The start and end blocks are just as their name suggests; to start and end a project. 

Extender blocks and their purpose are also in the name, to extend length when needed. 

We want to share with you the simple purpose of their functionality, how to use them, and when you don't use them. We also will explore some projects and videos of the blocks being used in real-time. 

Let’s get started!

All About Beuta

Before we explain the how let’s talk about the what and give you more information on who we are at Beuta. 

We are Beuta, an Amish-owned, and Lancaster, PA-based company. We make landscape edging for all your DIY projects. We wanted to create a block that could be easily installed, without the need of digging, or heavy lifting. 

Our products are lightweight, thanks to the unique roto-molded construction made with poly-resin materials. These materials also have 30 percent of recycled material making the most of something used, and turning it into something beautiful for the environment. 

They are the best alternative to any other traditional masonry for many reasons.  To list a few, you can install them on your own, they are easy to carry, and take just minutes to put it together. They also don’t require the use of several tools except your hammer!

We provide anchoring spikes with all your orders, along with the extender blocks as needed.  And in case you didn't know, the anchoring spikes secure your section blocks for landscape edging. 

What is an extender block?


So now that you know who we are, and what we specialize in, we can now explain what some of our products are, specifically the extender block.

As mentioned earlier, it is a function block that serves one function: to extend your length in Beuta sections. Our Beuta sections come in a row of six blocks. If you come to the end of your blocks and realize you need more length, you can simply add this extender block, which serves as a bridge to other section blocks. 

When and how to use them

First things first, you will need to know how to install them and when the best time is to use the extender blocks. If you decide you want to encircle a tree for example and want more length around it, using an extender block will assist you in just that! 

Or if you wish to enlarge your garden bed’s length, that would be a great opportunity as well. Circles or rectangles, lines, and curves. All can give you the length you desire using an extender block. 

When not to use them 

You only need them for added length. If you make your measurements and are happy with the results of your installation, then you don’t need these extender blocks. If you installed them however, and found that they were not as long as you had hoped, or you wish to add several inches or feet in more length, then these are your answers. 

Projects and videos with extender blocks

Let’s give you some visuals to help you see how these work more and projects that need them.

Here’s an example of an encircled tree. With the double layer, an extender block was needed.

Here, this home needed a few extender blocks since the measurement only covered one full Beuta section on the width side of the rectangle. 

Color options

Thankfully, when choosing your extender blocks, you can also select the same color that you chose your blocks for your project in as well as the same size. That way, the colors and look are complete, giving your faux stone landscape edging a cohesive appearance. 


So, remember, these blocks for garden edging or landscape edging blocks were made to be easy and simple so that everyone and anyone can install them. 

We also wanted to give you creative liberty for the blocks, which means you may need some special function blocks such as the extender block to finish your project.

There should be no limitations to creating beauty right in your backyard and properties. 

Check out this video for more information on function blocks to learn more about extender blocks.  

So what are you waiting for? Get started on your projects and let us help you with your measurements! 

Other Information 

You can head over to our website at Beuta which offers a more detailed line of products and prices. Feel free to contact us directly at 717-288-2637 or message us with any inquiries. 

You can learn alongside us through these simple DIY tutorial videos here on Youtube

You can also follow us on Instagram and TikTokSave some of our pins on Pinterest as you brainstorm inspiration for your backyard.