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How To Give Your Landscape Edging A More Polished Look

How To Give Your Landscape Edging A More Polished Look

Let’s talk about functionality. 

When customers receive our blocks for garden edging, they are so surprised at how easy they are to install. We’ve had customers admit to us, “it can’t be that easy.”

And then they install our Beuta blocks and realize, they are THAT easy to install. 

But one of our top questions as they are selecting their faux edging stones is this: What is the purpose of a function block, specifically the start and end blocks? 

Well, we want to answer that question by explaining and simplifying the purposes, how to select the right ones for your projects, and what that process looks like. 

Let’s get started!


The purpose of a start and end block is just how it sounds. It’s the first block you start with, and the last block you end with. Simple as that.  

Think of it as the slices of bread on each end holding all the good stuff together. 

They were created separately from the block sections, which is a 6-count connected block so that you could finish off your projects with ease, and give it a completed look. 

They make your faux stone landscape edging look smooth and sophisticated. Traditional masonry won’t give you that, or stand a chance in comparison. 

Beuta aims to mimic realistic faux stone edging and nature’s beauty. Rocks that you would find in nature do not naturally have holes in them. Because our Beuta Blocks have an easy slide on and slide off connection system they have holes in them. 

Our Start and End function blocks allow those connection system holes to be covered for a more polished look so they mimic real stone. 

How to select the right one

You do not HAVE to get the start and end block. But it gives you a finished look when the section blocks come to an end. 

Sometimes, depending on your landscape or the area where they are installed, the end of the section blocks can be camouflaged with surrounding shrubbery. 

However, we still recommend them to finish your project and make it look cohesive. But of course, this is completely up to you! You can always add them at a later point if you desire. Just be sure to account for their measurements when you are planning your landscaping project. 

The Process

When installing your Beuta blocks for landscape edging you will want to begin with your start block. 

This block is a singular block that has just one side with the female part open. 

Place it in the designated area to begin attaching your 6-count section blocks. You will keep adding your section blocks until you’ve reached the end of your project, in which you will finalize your project.

The end block will cap it off, giving it a completed look and appearance, and hiding the exposed parts. 

Things to know: The start block is your male end, the beginning of a six-block section is the female part, the end of the six-block section is the male part, and the end block is the female part. 

Projects with start and end blocks 

Let's take a look at how these function blocks are incorporated into projects. 

You can see how these two photos showcase a beautiful swerving line that glides along the perimeter of the mulched garden bed. There is a continuation of section blocks that will eventually lead to the start or end block.

In this home, located in Sarasota FL, you can see how the edging is not a closed shape, but an open one, and where the blocks meet the pavement, is where the end or start block is placed.

Here are two up-close photos of our section blocks with their start or end pieces. you can tell because the outside does not have an opening to be linked to other section blocks. The first is in the sandstone shade, and the second is the Charcoal for our Block XL. 

When you don’t need Start and End Blocks

When installing your landscape edging blocks, you will only need them if you are creating vertical or horizontally placed edging. Examples of this might be along your driveway or around pathways by your house.

You will NOT need them if you are creating full-circle or closed shapes. Examples could be encircling a tree or a unique wavy circle around your pool or playground.

If you are looking to create a lovely garden bed in the shape of a rectangle, you need right turns, OR left turn blocks to complete this. You would NOT need a start or end block. 


When selecting your colors for your projects, you will have some fun selecting from our diverse variety. All of our blocks come in realistic shades so they will give just enough of a statement, without being distracting. 

The blocks come in Cobblestone, Greystone, Charcoal, Limewash, and Sandstone. 

All about Beuta

We are Beuta, a Lancaster, Pennsylvania company that solves all of your landscaping problems when it comes to edging. We created a unique edging from the roto-molded construction that gives you beautiful poly-resin material blocks. 

These blocks, with 30 percent of recycled materials, give the products a naturalistic and earth-conscious approach. 


The main takeaway is this: in regards to our function blocks, start and end blocks are only needed for open shapes. 

They are not needed for closed shapes such as rectangles or circles, but they are perfect for everything else to give that clean natural stone appearance for all your DIY endeavors. 

Need a visual to help you understand better? Watch this tutorial here!

Other Information 

You can head over to our website at Beuta which offers a more detailed line of products and prices. Feel free to contact us directly by phone at 717-288-2637 or message us with any inquiries. 

You can learn alongside us through these simple DIY tutorial videos here on Youtube

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