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Beuta Block Customer Review -

Beuta Block Customer Review


Introduction to Beuta

As a small family-owned business here at Beuta, we love to dedicate our energy to pouring into creative and finely crafted content. We love sharing with you the many ways you can create beautiful landscape edging without the help of a professional.


One of our jobs is to create and share videos for our customers to help them take on easy installation for any project they would like to make happen on their properties.

Whether it’s to create some smooth edging for a faux stone look around a garden bed, or for a dramatic entryway to line a driveway using freshly lined straight edges, Beuta blocks are the answer for you.

And the best part? Well, we create these edging blocks and edging bricks for EVERYONE to install. So you won’t have to worry about heavy lifting, paying professionals exuberant fees, or the hassle of dozens of tools.

While local community members who have also beautified their yards share their love and appreciation of Beuta blocks, we occasionally get some customers who want to share their experience from start to finish thoroughly.



Beuta offers lightweight stone edging in a variety of colors such as Limewash, Cobblestone, Greystone, Charcoal, and Sandstone.


Highlighting Our Customer’s Story

We were beyond happy to know that one of our customers wanted to share how easy it was to install it himself, using limited tools, all while completing the whole project in just a day. You can watch the full video here

It was refreshing to have someone share their point of view and take the lead.  We got to see them install our products perfectly, seeing the before and after, as well as the whole process. 

A wonderful aspect of this review was that all of the things we know and believe about the experience our product brings, were true for a customer. So true, that he wanted to give us his perspective that we would also like to share now with you.


Chuck’s Honest Testimonial


Chuck, a local neighbor from Lancaster PA (home to where our products are made)...wanted to install his landscape edging, his way. He decided to line Beuta blocks around a long section of a garden that divides his property from his neighbor’s land.

Keep in mind. This isn’t any small landscape project. This was 145 feet from where the trench begins near the main road. And then again to the back of the garden trench towards the back of the house. A large space to cover that normally would take days, maybe even weeks using other materials like traditional masonry.

Chuck begins the video by showing us his Beuta blocks in his truck. While some people may bring their boxes to the project, Chuck assembles his blocks in his truck for easier access. This is a great idea if you have a larger property or a bigger-sized project, and you need to haul more products around.

One of the first things he brings to our attention is how the materials, when touched, feel like authentic real stones, as they have bumps and waves that are naturalistic while still having a smooth finish. He mentions how uncanny it is with how real they look and feel.

Later, he emphasizes the importance of prepping the blocks by gently tapping the blocks together with his hammer to ensure a secure slide-on effect as he preps the sections.


A Surprise Tool



Chuck uses a tool that isn’t traditionally used in the Beuta landscape edging setup. He decided to use string to emphasize straight lines and accuracy. This allows him to make sure that all of the function blocks are lined perfectly and ensures the results will be pristine. 

He doesn’t stop there though. He shares his hope to put a ring around his front tree which is mulched. He measures the diameter and finds the best circumference, giving more room to be safe. 

Once the measurements are found he begins assembling the blocks in a straight line on their own and then creates a ring by bending and shaping the rows of blocks. He can easily connect the blocks using the slide-on and slide-off effects. 

He is also frank about the challenges. We believe the process is made easy. But not without some challenges like any DIY. These were made to be seamless, but Chuck points out that you may just have to be accurate as you hammer in the spikes.

Another personal complaint he mentions is how the ground, though appearing flat, still has some slopes and bumps that can make the rows of brick edging look a little wobbly. But, thanks to his accuracy, and the unique designs of the blocks, he doesn’t have to worry about the uneven parts of his property. 

As the process with the trench is finishing up he gives his honest thoughts by saying, 

“I think it’s looking nice so far, and my wife really likes it and it flows well with the slope of the land as no lawns are perfectly level”. 

And I’m sure you know, if the spouse is happy, everyone is happy! 

That 145 feet of length, from the front yard to the back, eventually comes to a curb, to create the same edging on the opposite side by his neighbor's house.  He can curb it with end pieces such as right and left turn blocks thanks to our flexible bending properties that are the result of poly-resin materials. 

What’s great about the blocks is that they are perfectly lined, look level and straight, and are professionally installed.


Chuck uses string in his Beuta block project to perfectly line up the edging and connect them in a straight line.


The Budget Comparison



Toward the end of his project, he did a budget comparison, which was fascinating. We’ve done the research and know that paying a professional can quickly cost an astronomical amount. But, it was insightful to see his breakdown.

He compares his Beuta prices to paying a professional, and let’s just say that there is about a ten thousand dollar difference!

He believes he got a bargain by choosing us and was not wrong for being able to also create a ring around his tree in his front yard. And to be able to create some edging around his trench that also benefits his neighbor’s home.

He finishes his video by giving his short and candid review by saying,

“I like this Beuta block, it looks nice, it goes in easily, and it is pretty solid”.


Chuck’s Property completed with Beuta Blocks


Final Thoughts

Thank you, Chuck, for your honesty, excellence, and appreciation for our products! This was not a sponsored video but was completely shared from his excitement.  

Feel free to watch his full video here, see his process, his budget breakdown, and be inspired for your own landscape edging. 

If you’re looking to get a bargain for easy landscape edging, head over to our website at Beuta which offers a more detailed line of products as well as prices. Feel free to contact us directly by phone at 717-288-2637 or message us with any inquiries. 

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