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Faux Stone Landscaping | 7 Project Ideas

Faux Stone Landscaping | 7 Project Ideas



There’s a new way to create stunning landscaping in your yard that is simple, affordable, and easy to install. 

We want to share with you SEVEN ways you can create a gorgeous landscape, all on your own, with a technique that will never run out of style. 


1. Playground

Beuta Blocks in the shade Cobblestone


A child’s imaginative wonderland. A place that is made just for them, to grow, explore, and be free to be a kid. The challenging part about a playground is making it as safe as possible. And while we can’t control all the falls, we can control how bad the impact is by creating safe edging around the playsets.

If you’re thinking about mulching in your area, you will need a weed guard, garden staples, a shovel, a rake, and mulch.

After the weed guard is down and you’ve mulched in your area, you can simply trim away the remaining bits of weed guard, and install your blocks to surround your playground, giving your kids a designated area to play and have fun.


2. Lining Driveways


You don’t need endless mighty cedar trees to create a dramatic entrance to your house. (Though, if you have that, all power to you!)

Clean and crisp edges create balance and regality as you, your family, as your friends enter your property. Your driveway is like an extension of your home, that radiates beauty and brings a cohesive element to the area.


3. Raised Garden Beds

You can recreate this garden look with Cobblestone Beuta Block XLs

No matter the size, whether it’s a 4 ft or 24 ft section of a garden, adding brick edging to your garden can elevate your garden vibe. That garden Pinterest board can easily come to life, without worrying about being overpriced.

Lining a garden bed can keep the dirt and mulch safely tucked in, as well as offer a food-grade safe option for your edible plants like your vine tomatoes or aromatic basil.

If you’re thinking about creating garden beds from scratch, you will need similar items listed above, only rich soil in place of mulch. Then you can line your garden bed using Beuta bricks if you want a low-level look, better suited for garden flowers or plants.

Or, you can choose Beuta
Blocks for a raised profile look, to better keep the dirt and edible plants in.


4. Front of the House Landscaping

For a more modern look, you can shop the shade Charcoal in our standard Beuta Block size.


If you have a porch or small front yard, but don’t have the space for large landscaping, lining your areas with edging can give the illusion of elongating and enlarging your property for an aesthetically pleasing appearance. All you would need is a hammer and the proper measurements!

A once-and-done deal, if you’re not exactly a green thumb kind of person, and don’t have to stress about continuously watering plants because the easy stone-like edging gives your property a completed and finished look.


5. Encircling Trees


Sometimes, you want to create a statement with purposefully planted trees. That magical Flowering Dogwood in your front yard could use a circle to emphasize its graceful beauty and blush-toned petals.

Maybe it’s a medium lush Sweetbay Magnolia or a large fall-colored Norway Maple. These can feel quite solitaire and randomly placed without some stone-like edging for a finishing touch.

All you would have to do is make your measurements for a circumference and measure the radius from the trunk of the tree to where you would like the edging to meet. Then, you can choose between mulching it in or just lining it with brick edging. Both options give a polished look to your gorgeous trees.


6. Pools and Hot Tubs

This Hot Tub gets an upgraded and rustic look with our Beuta Blocks in the shade Cobblestone.


It’s been said that a gate can quickly kill a pool vibe, but we say that it’s all about consistency. Gates keep our kids safe, and edging keeps our pools looking extra rejuvenating and pleasurable.

And of course, no matter if you have an all-season climate, a hot tub is one of the best year-round experiences to enjoy outside in your yard. Picture yourself enjoying a snowy night with hot cocoa and the steam from the jacuzzi gazing at the luminous stars above.

And rather than feeling like it’s off-placed, you can make another statement of it by encircling it with our blocks. Our blocks give it a high-profile look, and mulch or gravel in the area for a safe exit when finished enjoying the night relaxing.


7. Campfire


Speaking of year-round enjoyment, campfires are the best way to bring loved ones together, sharing s’mores and warmth, any time of year.

Often, it can be hard to create a space for everyone to gather when the resources are limited, or we’re unsure where to place our landscape investments. We may want to install a hot tub, but not sure if it will ruin the yard’s ambiance.

Placing a campfire in the backyard may sound nice, but we don’t want it to feel randomized. Whatever the predicament you’re in, Beuta blocks were made for you, to break up your yard in an intentional fashion, so that you may create your landscape dreams.


Inclusive Products


We also made these for anyone to put together, so whether you have a bad back or limited tools, Beuta blocks were designed to give you ease of access and make you feel empowered to establish your dream property.


How to Get Started


Your head is probably buzzing with ideas on your next DIY landscape project with your Beuta blocks or bricks! Here’s a quick tutorial to give you an idea of the easy process:

First, you want to plan your area. We care about your investments and time, so it’s important to envision your space and see what would work best.

Second, make your measurements. Even the best measurements can miss a few inches, so always round up, to ensure no hiccups in your overall process.

Third, it’s time to browse our selections! We want to give you full autonomy as you decide on the style of brick or block. We have a wide range of colors that all give a real feel and stone-like quality to them.

Our list includes Cobblestone, Greystone, Sandstone, Limewash, and Charcoal. Just as their names suggest, they are natural earth tones to enhance your space and blend well with your property colors and decor.

Unlike traditional stone, our blocks have a light retracting quality that gives them a shine compared to a dull stone effect. However, the poly-resin materials have natural-looking subtle bumps and texture, making them more naturalistic without being dull.

More Information

If you’re thinking about creating one of these 7 options for your yard, you can head over to our website at Beuta which offers a more detailed line of products as well as prices. 

Feel free to contact us directly by phone at 717-288-2637 or message us with any inquiries. 

You can learn alongside us through these simple DIY tutorial videos here on Youtube

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