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How To Care For Your Beuta Landscape Edging?

How To Care For Your Beuta Landscape Edging? 



So you finally decided to purchase your Beuta edging! 

You wanted to know what all the fuss was about and took matters into your own hands. 

With some investigating and maybe some skepticism, you saw how easy they were to select, purchase, and install. 

Now, you’re so happy to know that your yard is complete and polished, as you are ready to step into spring with its beautiful trimmed edges around your home. 

But now that they're up, you may still be holding your breath. 

You might be wondering a few things:

Will they hold up as our company guarantees? When the weather elements come, and the lawn maintenance is in check, will it still be worth it, then?

As a small business in Lancaster, PA where all of our products are made, sold, and shipped, we understand what it takes to create these products and ensure that they arrive to you safely. 

We also value integrity, coming from an Amish community and business, where hard work and passion are fused to create a lasting product. 

Some of the best landscaping and lawn care can be found in Lancaster County, with rolling hills of greenery, and yellow daffodils sprinkled on the yards. Topiary bushes sculpt the land, and the trees sway in peace.

We want you to know this peace the way it’s become our reality, even after you’ve successfully installed your products. 


These products were made to last, but not without some best practices tips.

Like anything, there is a level of care that is still involved in keeping them as good as the day you got them. 

For example, your cell phone that you use may be able to withstand a few drops, but the company you bought it from is not expecting you to throw it carelessly around!

The same is true for our Beuta blocks for easy edging. 

While they may be able to withstand some impact, we don’t recommend doing this carelessly and advise these precautionary steps to get the most out of your blocks for easy landscape edging. 

Read below for our list of best practices:The first thing you want to make sure of when using your faux edging stones is to not overbend them when installing. For example, don’t try to make our smallest circle with 2 sections because they will break. Make them with 3 sections. 

You can expand them as large as you want with more sections or function blocks. Watch this video here for more information on function blocks. 

The second thing to be aware of is that even though they are weed-wacker-friendly, you may still have to wipe down the surfaces now and then.

Especially for the lime wash blocks, bricks, and XL, the grass can get on the blocks making them appear “stained” with a green color.

But don’t worry! This washes off with water or a towel very easily. 

Thirdly, the blocks can withstand people standing on them however, we don’t recommend this being done frequently to create more longevity in the landscape edging. So having your children constantly jumping on them, or walking along them yourself as a habit, may compromise the strength of the block.

Lastly, these blocks for garden edging are made from poly resin and recycled materials which is what makes them durable and yet flexible. Each block is not flexible on its own, but only as a section block can they be easily bent to create various shapes for landscaping. 

They are also lightweight, which makes the installation process incredibly more doable and strain-free. 

However, although they are durable, they are still made with poly resin plastic so they need to be handled with care. 

That means they are great for your driveway, but not ideal for driving over, or holding up heavy-weight landscape items. 


So remember, these products were made to last, which is why we offer a lifetime warranty. 

However, caring for your investments will save you time and money in the long run. 

You won't have to worry about constant maintenance, except for the occasional wipe down, or careful care when walking around them and using lawn care like weed whacking. 

Countless customers around the county have been extremely happy with their products over the years, as many of them live in different climates and terrain. 

But no matter the weather or demographic, they all can attest to the durability, flexibility, and long-lasting quality of Beuta edging! 

Truly, the best landscaping solution!

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