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Is Beuta Too Expensive?

Is Beuta Too Expensive? 

When you’re about to invest in a product, you ask yourself two things; what is it, and how much is it?

When you know more about the what, it’s the price tag that takes a little more convincing. 

We made these products to be affordable, but we also made them to last. And the word,  “affordable” can mean something different to everyone. 

But to make something last, it requires a very precise and involved process using rotational molding.

If you haven’t checked out our blog on rotational molding and how it works,  you can check it out here! We also have a video to give you an up-close tour of exactly how we make these products. You can watch it here

What it takes to make these products

So now that you understand the process, you can see how this product is made up of the best quality. And quality comes at a price. 

Quality control means ensuring that each landscaping block and brick is of the utmost quality.  That requires quality workers in our local warehouse to prepare these products. These local Amish craftsmen bring only their best to give to you! 

That’s why it’s an investment because of the talent and hard work that is put into the craftsmanship.

Are these outsourced to China?

Yes, we could outsource to China for a cheaper product but we wanted to proudly make it in the USA, in Lancaster, PA which means it stays at a higher price point. 

We set our products at a premium price to give you premium products. Making cheaper products, that cheapens the quality of your product, makes us need to use low-quality materials. 

This then means your original lifetime warranty would be annulled. 

A false accusation that we receive a lot is that our products are made in China. 

By watching the video here  and taking our word for it, we show you the truth.

We are Beuta, an Amish-owned and Lancaster, PA-based company that creates all of our products and materials right here in Lancaster.

We do not outsource our materials to China, which would cheapen the quality, even if that meant lowering the prices for the company and our customers. 

Instead, we use high-quality materials with 30 percent recycled materials to create poly-resin faux edging stones. These faux stones for garden edging bring beauty and cohesiveness to your properties, with easy installation. 

To us, it’s more important to give you the best, for the most beautiful results! 

Landscaper vs DIY

We made these premium products to be not just beautiful, but easy to install all on your own! When you invest in Beuta, you are potentially saving yourself thousands of dollars by not having to hire a landscaper. 

Purchasing Beuta also saves you time, money, and convenience.  That way, once the projects are done, you can put more time back into your life so you’re not wasting it on weeks or months using traditional landscaping.

Even the most talented landscapers come at a price, and we don’t want you to invest more than you have to in traditional masonry. 

What we guarantee

We are also ensuring a product made to last with an incredible warranty which means you are paying for more premium ingredients to make it. 

Our products are flexible, and durable, holding up against weather elements and even the tools that you use to clean and polish your yards like a weed whacker. 

Whatever designs you have in mind, Beuta is here to help you accomplish your garden oasis dreams. 

Why we love what we do

We love empowering our fellow Americans to bring beauty to their outdoor spaces and define their landscaping with faux stone edging. 

With our Amish culture of hard work and excellence, we bring quality products, ensuring each product is effective and as beautiful as the next. 

What customers say about these products

When customers make the investments, they are almost always in awe that it’s not real stone. They love how naturalistic the stones look, and that they are lightweight. 

This especially serves as a wonderful product for our customers who may have physical limitations like back problems or arthritis.

So remember, the best is worth the investment, and will only bring you joy and beauty to your yards. 

What you save in the long run, will be worth the investment you make now!  

Other Information

You can head over to our website at Beuta which offers a more detailed line of products and prices. Feel free to contact us directly at 717-288-2637 or message us with any inquiries. 

You can learn alongside us through these simple DIY tutorial videos here on Youtube

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