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Landscape Edging with Beuta Blocks and Bricks

Landscape Edging with Beuta Blocks & Bricks

Creating beautiful landscapes used to be a task passed on to someone else. But we have something, and it’s no secret, that can be a real game changer to beautify your landscape.  It’s the final step, but most crucial to bringing it all together. And, one that you can do yourself. 



Now, picture this. You walk outside your yard with your warm coffee in hand. It’s spring, and you’ve just planted your flowers. As you take in the morning air, you walk alongside elegant and natural looking stones that line your garden landscapes. You smile, and feel good knowing that you really put this together yourself. You made it happen, and you know your garden and the overall aesthetic of your home will benefit because of it.

You accomplished this effortlessly, without any strenuous effort or the need to excavate your yard. Plus, there was no requirement to hire a costly landscaping company for the installation of your landscape edging.

Now, maybe you’re thinking, that’s unrealistic. Maybe it sounds too cliche. But the reality is, Beuta blocks enhance our lives by just a small touch, with a big difference. And it really is so simple. Here are some things you need to know about Beuta. 

We are Beuta, An Amish owned and family company that crafted and engineered supreme products to make your life more simple. Inspired by the Amish way of life, Merv King Owner and CEO of Beuta pours his love for community, hard work and excellence into his business to bring you our best right to your own front yard. 


Beuta block specifications


Our Beuta blocks are a masterpiece of innovation and design that are available in a single pack and a 4 pack. We also have extender blocks, right turn and left blocks and start and end blocks to create various landscaping shapes and give a polished look to your yard. 


4-pack specifications


Each single section has six blocks and each one measures a total length of 46 inches which is about 4 ft. (46.875 to be exact!) The height is 6.5 inches while the width is 4 inches. This 4-pack connects together to give you 16 feet of realistic stone-like edging. The best part about all of that length? No heavy lifting! Beuta blocks were designed to make your projects more approachable by removing barriers when it comes to the physical labor. They are lightweight, and easy to carry!


Brick or Block?


So, now that you understand the specifications, there are a few details we want you to understand. When making your selections, you want to think about what style of brick you want for your landscape edging. 

We refer to these as fake stone-like edging, but the differences are there. Whether you purchase a brick or block is completely up to your personal preference. Both accomplish the same task of simplifying landscape edging and the same easy approach as far as installing the edging goes. 



Beuta bricks give the traditional aesthetic of stone bricks at 2.25 inches in height, but are also lightweight, and easy for installation.


Beuta blocks are 6.5 inches in height, which can draw more attention depending on the overall outcome you want for beautifying your landscape. No matter the task, bricks and blocks will work perfectly. 

The main difference between the brick or block is that Beuta bricks are smaller, and Beuta blocks are larger. Beuta Bricks are similar in size to traditional sizes.


We also offer a Block XL which is a larger version of the block about 9.5 inches high. It has a higher profile look compared to the standard block and is perfect for raised garden beds as well as retaining mulch and diverting water and runoff.


Beuta Blocks Colors


Once you’ve decided whether your landscape needs bricks or blocks, it’s time for a little color to add some flair! Thankfully, we didn’t stop with just one traditional color, but wanted to diversify your options for the best possible view. 

Our colors come in an array of hyper realistic colors, including Sandstone, Cobblestone, Greystone, Charcoal, and Limewash as well as other seasonal colors. All of them will do the job, giving you that natural stone look, without hurting your knees or back.


Beuta Block Uses


Alright, so you now know the differences between our products. Well, now it’s time to consider how Beuta can help accomplish your outdoor goals. Whether it’s encircling trees, protecting flower beds, framing swing sets, lining driveways or walkways, the possibilities are endless. Beuta blocks are your answer to elevating your outdoor space. 


Flexibility of Blocks


While these bricks and blocks for edging are beautiful, they are more than meets the eye. They have the unique combination of being pliable, bendable, and flexible, to bring all of your hopes for your yard or properties to life! This means you can make exciting and varying shapes to match your landscape. 

In nature, landscaping is typically not made up of sharp and polished edges. So even if you have uneven terrain or slope our Beuta Block and Beuta Brick edging is perfect for transforming your yard. 




And installation? It's a breeze! When using our Beuta blocks, we have a slide on slide off connection system that is 100 percent foolproof.

We did all the hard work for you so that you can focus more on the beautifying aspect like what flowers to add in your garden bed, or what bushes to line your walkway.

Each section of our Beuta blocks come with two anchoring spikes ensuring a secure installation. Bricks come with three spikes and Block XL comes with three spikes. 


Which means the only tool you’ll need is a hammer. 


Function Blocks


Now, maybe you’re planning on creating circles of brick edging around your trees, or you want to make a rectangle around your garden vegetables. Well, our edging blocks give you full autonomy and ease when creating shapes around your landscape. They come in five different styles, such as left turn, right turn, extender, start and end blocks. 

Left and right turn blocks are for creating sharp corners needed for projects such as that rectangular garden or a square shaped one. Extender blocks make it easy to cover more ground and elongate your Beuta block sections. And finally, start blocks allow for a clean and finished look, no matter the layout, from start to finish. 

(If you’re looking for a visual explanation, please feel free to check out this video here!)


Fast and free shipping and 30 day returns


We believe in these products as we even use them in our own backyards. We uphold our commitment to these products and believe you will love them just as much as we do. 

For this reason, we offer our customers fast and free shipping, with a 30 day money back guarantee. We also have a 2 year top to bottom warranty and a limited lifetime warranty. We are a family owned business and care deeply about our community, which is why if there is anything wrong with your product or you are not satisfied, we are here to help. 

Beuta blocks are rust, fade, and corrosion resistant, thanks to our unique design of poly-resin materials. So as the weather changes, or your landscape gardens grow, our products proudly remain the same; strong and durable, ready for any change. 




So, if you’re tired of the hassle of traditional landscaping, Beuta’s  revolutionary poly-resin blocks and bricks are for you. We are a company that can help you effortlessly transform your outdoor spaces with realistic faux stones – no heavy lifting or digging required! We crafted our products with unique precision, as they replicate natural-looking stones for your own beautiful oasis. We are proud to say that these are made in the USA. 

When you make a purchase, you can feel good knowing that you are supporting local craftsmanship while enhancing your landscape with our high-quality products. You can also enjoy the convenience of our exceptional edging solutions without any hidden costs.

So, are you ready to transform your outdoor space? Visit and redefine your outdoor beauty today!