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Why Choose Beuta

Why Choose Beuta

If real rocks exist, then why should I choose Beuta?

Or in other words, you might say:  if I can get the job done with traditional masonry, then why choose faux stone ones?

We created landscape edging that’s flexible enough to shape your vision but also tough and durable enough to withstand a weed whacker and the elements. 

They are also lightweight enough for you to carry with ease from one place to the next. Anyone can use them without having to haul heavy stones. This will cause less strain on your knees and back.


They are also visibly beautiful, coming in naturalist colors such as Sandstone, Cobblestone, Greytone, Charcoal, and Limewash. 

As with the many different colors, they also come in a range of different sizes to meet your needs. Our first and most popular would be the brick. Next is our block, and then finally, our Block XL. These sizes can give you what you need to accomplish any task. All will get the job done!

Beuta Bricks

You can use bricks that mimic traditional stones in purpose and appearance. They can be used to line your driveways or walkways, a playground, or even a campsite. 

Beuta Blocks

Our Beuta blocks can be used for encircling trees or for mulching in garden beds, whatever the shape. They also have a higher raised profile which can help to balance out the plants. 

Beuta Block XL

And our Beuta block Xl’s are a great option if you want more height, without the stacking! They can serve to balance out high-raised plants, similarly to the blocks. Or, be used as a creative dimension to give shape and style to your landscaping oasis.

Let’s explore all our options of why it’s important to choose Beuta.

When choosing how you want to invest in your outdoor space, you could easily hire a landscaper. The setback? All the money would have to go to the subtractors, time and labor, materials, and markup fees, to get started.

Do the job yourself. 

So maybe you don’t want to or can’t afford to invest in the labor for others. You can do the work yourself, and get your materials. 

But, depending on the size of your project, it will still require a lot of digging, heavy lifting, more tools needed, and possibly several days to complete. 

Not to mention the strain and pain it will cause on your back, making you possibly need an extra hand to help. 

DIY with Beuta

Or, the best option is you can do it yourself, at an affordable price, with no digging, no strain on your back, and have it done in an afternoon. 

Maybe you don’t see the point in using Beuta over traditional materials, but the reality is, these blocks were made to make the process more simple. Even if carrying them would be no problem. 

Most people want to make their yards look beautiful, but they have setbacks. Major factors that can prevent people from investing in their yards can vary.

Sometimes, there can be tremendous financial costs. Other times, it might be the extra tools for the different types of projects.

Or even the helping hands like hiring other professionals. For the ones that can be creative and do it on their own, sometimes the main setback is the heavy lifting and strains they can have on their body. Perhaps they have mobility issues or physical restraints like arthritis. 

Sometimes the biggest setback is the lack of time people have. If you have children or have a job with long hours, that can inhibit getting out and beautifying your yards. 

That’s why these blocks were made for everyone in mind. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, you can make it happen with Beuta.  

The bonus part is that If you’re trying to save some extra cash, these won’t break the bank. Instead, they will be worth the investment, and won’t have you spending unnecessary costs on extra tools. 


We believe that, regardless of age or physical abilities, you should be able to create your dream oasis. 

You’ll be able to feel good knowing you got to make a choice and invest in your properties, without letting the setbacks get in the way. 

More importantly, you’ll be investing in a lifetime product when adding these faux stone blocks as the finishing touch.

Do it yourself, with Beuta to help you.  Be inspired, bring along a hammer, and start installing!

Other Information 

You can head over to our website at Beuta which offers a more detailed line of products and prices. Feel free to contact us directly by phone at 717-288-2637 or message us with any inquiries. 

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