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Get the Natural Look of Stone with a Beuta® Block Planter

Beuta® Block Planter bring the beauty of block stone granite, in a natural looking low density polyethylene (LDPE) resin planter, comfortable both inside and outdoors at any temperature: Durable, high quality and low maintenance means enjoying this classic for many years!

Why is the Planter Free?

Beuta® Block Planters are made from the same material we use to create our Beuta blocks and bricks. Our products are a great and easy way for anyone to add landscape stones to your garden, play area, trees, and more.

The best way for people to experience our realistic, high quality faux stone material is for them to hold it in their hands. We're so confident that you will
love the way our product looks, that we want to get it into as many homes as possible. Supplies are limited.

FREE Greystone Rock Planter