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Fast, easy, and beautiful DIY edging

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Attractive, Long-lasting DIY Edging

Tired of the hassle of traditional landscaping? Introducing Beuta's revolutionary poly-resin blocks. Effortlessly transform your outdoor spaces with realistic faux stones – no heavy lifting or digging required!

Our Beuta Blocks are

Realistic Faux Stone

Ultra Light-Weight

Extremely Flexible

Easy to Install

Always Free Shipping

Made in the USA

30 Day Guarantee

Loved this product, very real appearance and installation was 1-2-3. I purchased eight 6-block sections (32’) for the front of my home and I couldn’t be happier with the result. Will most definitely be purchasing additional sections to round out the rest of my garden.
Andrew B.
These look very high end and are the perfect finishing touch to our yard. Will be purchasing more to do our backyard edging - love this product! The color we have is sandstone.
Allie M.
We love our Beuta Blocks! They were super easy to install, they look just like stone, they are light and easy to handle, and they are made in the USA! The price is good when compared to real stone and, at our age, we would have had to pay someone to install stone.
Linda K.

Make beautifying your yard easy

Get started by following our 3-step process

1. Measure Your Space

Accurately measure the length and width of your landscaping area. Pay attention to any curves or corners that may require additional blocks to ensure you order the right quantity of Beuta Blocks to achieve a seamless edging design.

2. Order Beuta Blocks

Approximate the amount of blocks needed by dividing your measure lineal feet by 4 (the length of one Beuta block section). Easily place your order through our website by selecting your preferred block color and quantity.

3. Install in Minutes

Grab your hammer and assemble your blocks according to your landscaping plan. Align your blocks along the measured edging line and tap each block into place until secure. Interlock the pieces as you go and enjoy your polished landscaping edge within minutes.

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The Latest from Beuta

Comparing Beuta Landscape Edging With It’s Competitors

When it comes to landscape edging, we’ve yet to see a better option than Beuta. 

You might say we’re a little biased, but after comparing Beuta landscape edging with other competitors, you might find yourself agreeing with us. 

Recently, our Beuta team shared on TikTok’s social media platform some short comparison videos of our competitors. 

Sam, our resident landscaper and host, reviews some different types of edging compared to our Beuta blocks for landscape edging. 

The differences and similarities may surprise you, so let us walk you through our full review of them!

In the video, we test realistic appearance, hammer durability, ease of installation, anchor ability, flexibility, and weed-whacking durability.

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Offering Local Pickup

We welcome scheduled pick-ups and acknowledged visits or plant tours. Please call in advance so we know when to expect you.

902 Strasburg Pike, Strasburg, PA 17579

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