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All About Our Landscape Edging Blocks

All About Our Landscape Edging Blocks



It’s inspiring to see how people use their authentic taste to create beauty in their front yard. Walking in a neighborhood, it’s rare to see the same style twice. 

Some homes have hedged bushes cozied up against the door frames, others have wild shapes around their trees with wild plants. A trickling water fountain. A palate of colors or a variety of greens. All the landscapes show off unique shapes to showcase their plants and decor with an equally inspiring touch. 

But there’s a special way to create unique shapes that don’t rely on traditional masonry techniques. 

Want to hear it?

We call them Beuta blocks. Innovative blocks and bricks that mimic traditional style bricks, without the cement, the hefty weight, and lack of shine. 

Unlike the old way, our way is easy to install, lightweight to carry, and easy on the eyes. In other words, they are lustrous bricks and blocks that have a natural earth tone and come in an array of colors such as cobblestone, greystone, sandstone, limewash, and charcoal.


Featuring our beautiful color options in realistic faux stone edging


If you’re looking to create some fun shapes like semi-circles for your garden, rectangles around your campfire and patio, circles around your trees, and lines along pathways, then we are the answer for you. 

But before you get started, here are a few things about our blocks that will be important for you to understand. 

First off, these products are more than just blocks. They have specific roles and were designed to extend, add corners, or cap off your projects for easy edging. And it will leave you with a stunning finished and defined appearance. 


3 Different Sizes



The first thing is that they come in 3 different sizes. We have our traditional Brick size, our Block, and Block XL.

Our Brick is 2.25 inches tall. These are great if you want to mimic traditional masonry, giving your area that faux-stone edging, with a naturalistic look. You can use these to encircle your trees, line pathways, or driveways.  

Our Block is 6.5 inches tall. These work best for mulching in an area to create more of a defined space such as a playground or fire pit area. These have a high-profile appearance and can give an elevated layer to your projects as you create stone-like edging around your property. 

Our Block XL is 9.5 inches tall. These work well with projects that you would typically stack for height, such as dividing an area of property or a mulched garden to keep out pests. 


Left and Right Turn Blocks


Make sharp turns with our function blocks and turn them into perfect shapes


We also have left and right turn for those awkward corners you may run into when landscaping. We refer to them as creative companions, designed to make sharp 90-degree turns. The unique design of these particular blocks allows you to take your projects to the next level.

So, remember that sensory sand pit box that you always wanted to create? Now you can make those sharp turns with our left and right turn blocks.

So, if you decide you want to make a rectangular shape or a square, all you would need are four of the same turn blocks, either left or right.

Overall, the main thing you need to pay attention to is the direction you install the blocks. If you work clockwise, you will move your blocks in the right direction. So, you would then need four right-turn blocks.

Now apply that concept if you are working counterclockwise. You are moving in the left direction so you will need four left turn blocks.

The main takeaway is that you will need four of the same direction blocks.
For unique shapes, you simply need to follow the directions of the sections.


With our easy slide on and slide off technology you can create any shape for your landscape edging


Start and End Blocks



Next is Beuta’s start and end blocks, the go-to choice to give your project that final touch for a polished appearance. There’s a choice between a “female” option or a “male” option that allows for a slide-on, slide-off effect. You will choose between these parts depending on the way you laid out your blocks.



These blocks give you more of a polished look and complete your landscape edging


Extender Blocks


Are you short on your landscape measurements? Order an extender block to extend your project.

Finally, as its name suggests, this piece allows you to extend your project, in case you want to add more sections of blocks. In other words, the extender block acts as a “bridge” to bridge together one section to the other. This can give you added length and is a great way to pick back up a project that you started.


Like any DIY, prepping before getting started will make the process of installation simple and easy. So, map out your area, make your selections, and give us a call for any of your questions or inquiries.


Why Beuta Landscape Edging?


The reason we wanted to share this with you, is because we understand that most landscape edging alternatives don’t offer these function blocks the way Beuta does.

Furthermore, traditional bricks are not flexible or lightweight so it’s an added challenge when creating shapes. Our function blocks make it simple and possible to bend them for uneven shapes and terrain on your properties.

So whatever design, the sky’s the limit. We are just happy to help you get started, and create a beautiful landscape from our hands to yours. Make it your way, make it your Beuta!


Feel free to watch a thorough explanation of this process here which may be helpful before ordering, and while installing. 

You can also head over to our website at Beuta which offers a more detailed line of products as well as prices. 

Feel free to contact us directly at 717-288-2637 or message us with any inquiries. 

You can learn alongside us through these simple DIY tutorial videos here on Youtube

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