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Busy Mom Makes Easy Landscape Edging Project

Busy Mom Makes Easy Landscape Edging Project


Is there anything a mom can’t do? They take care of their kids and create a nurturing environment around them. They work hard and devote so much of themselves to the cause of their family. And we love to see the moms in our community do so.

But we know that moms sometimes feel like they can’t do it all, or aren’t doing enough. The list of chores or errands seems to never end. Tasks can quickly get pushed off due to more impending tasks or limited resources.

Maintaining yards can especially go to the wayside when busy seasons take over like the holidays or big life events. This is especially true if the tasks require extensive labor and long days.

But we know a mom who despite her long to-do lists, was able to accomplish a yard task that took only one afternoon to complete. And the best part? She didn’t need a professional OR a babysitter to complete it.

The Problem

Her name is Deb, and she had some issues with her yard. Mowing the lawn was a challenge because some pipes were sticking up in the ground which made it difficult to get the tough overgrowth of grass and weeds.
She thought about possibly putting some flowers next to it, but it felt awkward. She needed something more intentionally placed and situated.

She happened to already love gardening and maintaining her garden such as tomatoes, parsley, thyme, basil, and spicy peppers.

To match the theme of her yard, she decided then to create a garden bed, for a faux-stone edging appearance around these pipes that she could essentially mulch in, and decorate as needed.

Items Needed 

To get started, she needed some weed guard, a hammer, garden staples, spikes, Beuta blocks, a knife, and scissors. Thankfully, most of these she already had stored in her garage, except for the Beuta blocks. 

Getting Started

To begin, she needed to first map out her area, make her measurements for accuracy, and measure the length and width to find the perimeter of the space for easy edging. Next, she was able to receive her products and remove the excess grass with scissors. 

Installation and Prepping

Before she starts hammering in the spikes, she preps the blocks by linking them together. They are linked in a rectangular shape around the pipes. In doing so, she can double-check that she has the right amount of blocks before securing them into the ground.

 It’s important to note here that she decided to use blocks over bricks because blocks have a more elevated profile which would be helpful to blend well with the raised pipes. Bricks however mimic that of traditional cement bricks as they are smaller and might work better for lining a driveway or for a lower level garden bed. 

Weed Guard

With her baby watching next to her she can place the weed guard down underneath the blocks, and then stapling them in. She uses a generous amount so that she doesn’t have to worry about not using enough to cover the area needed for the landscape blocks. 

Hammering The Border

Before making it perfect, she scoots the blocks back where they need to go, getting her spikes and hammer ready. Holding the block with one hand the spikes seamlessly work through the connector holes. Astonishingly, no digging is required for it! 

Removing Excess Weed Guard 

Once the weed guard is laid down, she uses a knife to remove the excess weed guard that is hanging over the block edges. 


So, the blocks are up and installed and the weed guard is secured, she then tosses in the mulch, using a shovel to spread it out and make a smooth surface, especially near the pipes. 


Finally, the fun part has arrived and she can place a beautiful pot of mums along with different colored pumpkins. She scoots the items next to the pipes, making it feel like they are intentionally placed. The area looks complete, fresh, and intentional. 

Finishing Touches

The best part about this task was that this mom was able to assemble the pieces with her child nearby. The blocks are FDA-approved making them safe, and non-toxic for children.

They also were lightweight, which made it safe in case a child was to carry or drop one, decreasing the likelihood of an injury. She could rest assured knowing that as her baby interacted with the blocks, they wouldn’t bring her any harm. 

Now It’s Your Turn

This mom was able to put some parts together, with baby in hand and block in another, proving the point of a mother’s incredible ability of multitasking, and creating beauty around her. 

Now, she can rest easy, knowing that she checked off a huge to-do, making mowing the lawn and weed whacking as easy as ever. 

Want to see this wonder mom create her beautiful mulch in the garden? Watch the process here for landscape edging that you can do too! 

If you’re looking to check one more thing off your list by solving problems in your yard, you can head over to our website at Beuta which offers a more detailed line of products as well as prices. Feel free to contact us directly by phone at 717-288-2637 or message us with any inquiries. 

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