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Which Landscape Edging Is The Safest?

Which Landscape Edging Is The Safest?

Safety first! 

An important motto to have when starting a new DIY project. We may have shared this already with you, but if you haven't heard, Beuta edging was initially created as a safer option for edging around playgrounds! 

Most playgrounds typically use stones or traditional masonry options, that consist of sharp edges and jagged corners. 

As you can assume, these are not great options when young ones are freely at play, running along edges that can cause possible injuries. 

So, as a result, our Amish-owned company, Beuta created easy, lightweight, and durable landscape edging to solve the problem of unsafe edging around playgrounds and create a safer alternative. 

This means that if a child is walking along the mulch near the edging or falls, the impact would be much less severe if at all! 

Seeing the success and customer satisfaction with their practical and beautiful finish in their yards, our company expanded their purposes to all forms of edging. 

Now, people line these landscape edging blocks along driveways and pathways in backyards. 

These also make great blocks for garden beds or for encircling your bushes or trees.

Use them along your pool for a relaxing ambiance or sedition of an adult section around your campfire. 

Enjoy limitless opportunities with these flexible edging blocks for gorgeous landscaping! 

Our team created a video that you can watch here, using a watermelon as a prop to show what could “potentially” happen if a child were to fall along other forms of traditional landscape edging. 

Video Highlights

While we hope these are more severe scenarios than possible realities, the videos do help shine a light on potential hazards for young children, the elderly, pets, and even yourself!

While you may not be running and playing, our host Anna shares how some people working near metal edging have sliced, or cut their knee or other parts of themself. 

That’s why we want to be extra careful! 

She compares three types of edging: Beuta edging, stone edging, and metal edging. 

Without us telling you which is the best, (but I am sure you can guess our opinion) we demonstrate using an object to show you what happens when the object makes contact with the subject in question. 

They call it, the watermelon test

During the test run, she demonstrated what would happen if the object while suspended in the air were to fall and make an impact on the edging. 

Beuta Edging: With two tests, the watermelon is released and during both instances, there is no impact! Both times, it simply bounces off the edging unharmed. 

Stone Edging: Using the same amount of suspended distance, the watermelon is dropped from the air and hits the stone which cracks open. Since the object was cut, they only required one test run. 

Metal Edging: And finally, with the metal edging, the watermelon was suspended in the air and dropped cutting the watermelon almost completely in half. 

We use the watermelon to demonstrate potential injuries that could occur, though we hope that this never happens to anyone with any form of edging! 

Our Reason

To conclude, that is why being safely paired with beauty is the key to a safe and beautiful outdoor oasis for you, your pets, your extended family, or your kids! 

Our hope in sharing these scenarios with you is not to instill fear, but to empower you to make informed conscientious decisions when it comes to a financial investment for you or your family. 

One that would greatly enhance and change your outdoor space, getting you to enjoy the weather and your yards in a safer manner! 

We hope you will make that decision, trusting us to bring safety and beauty to your yards, with Beuta edging! 

Perks of our edging over traditional edging  

These faux edging stones are made from recycled materials and low-density polyethylene, which creates a smooth and durable finish. That way, if someone were to fall on these, they would have a much softer impact. 

Besides their appearance, they hold up against the weather elements and lawn care. Check out this video to watch the impact these have on weed whackers. 

Their lightweight nature makes them easy to carry, and even easier to install! They come with anchoring spikes that you will secure to the ground, without needing to dig up the dirt. Using your hammer, you’ll have incredible landscape edging results in no time! 

So don't wait for an injury to happen to invest in your property. 

Today is a great day for making your outdoor DIY dreams come to life, safety ensured. 

Other Information 

You can head over to our website at Beuta which offers a more detailed line of products and prices. Feel free to contact us directly at 717-288-2637 or message us with any inquiries. 

You can learn alongside us through these simple DIY tutorial videos here on YouTube.

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