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Rooted in historic Lancaster County there is both a history of tradition, culture and innovation steeped in BEUTA.

Important values of our community meld into the workplace culture, such as hard work, drive, and teamwork of both the leadership team and production teams.

Our dedication to deliver quality products and creative innovation is part of our culture.

Early Days

In September 2016, BEUTA LLC was established with the objective of manufacturing residential playground equipment. Initially operating under the name TrueForm Plastics, the company decided to pivot its strategy and focus on in-house production of polyresin molding products. BEUTA utilizes a specialized roto-molding process, which is a unique and cutting-edge approach in the polyresin molding industry, renowned for its strength and durability.


The BEUTA community is one of compassion for innovative products and genuine care for the team that helps develop this business. When creating the Beuta products we designed them to benefit employees, customers, and suppliers to give a holistic and easy approach to landscape edging solutions.

Work Early

Our founder and CEO, Merv King hails from an ever-growing and important community of Amish in the surrounding area and has incorporated important values of his community into the workplace culture, such as hard work, drive, and teamwork of both the leadership team and production team.

When asked about what distinguishes Amish craftsmanship from the work of others, King said, “since we are taught to work at a young age we are just naturally better at working with our hands. In addition to hard work, our trust and loyalty to each other are also very important which all feed into the quality of the product”.

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We are very proud of WHAT we make and HOW we make it. We want to provide you all the information to help you make good decisions. We believe your space is special to you and we are proud we get to help make it more BEAUTIFUL. Check out our FAQ page for some of the common questions we receive from others, just like you.